Validating Our Emotions

In todays vid I discuss how we can have our feelings invalidated and the negative affect it has on us. I also discuss how loved ones can validate how we feel and the importance of this in helping us to self regulate our emotions.

My Relationship With My Ex

I got asked to discuss how my relationship with my ex-husband was and is today. Do we co-parent well or are there still issues today? Our relationship was intense and unstable from the beginning and eventually we divorced. I used cocaine throughout our marriage and he hated me using drugs.   Today myself and my ex-husband […]

Symptoms of BPD Vs Normal feelings

Today I discuss how we tell the difference between being rightfully upset over something or whether we are just being overly sensitive. Do we isolate because we are generally busy or are we isolating on purpose? What about when we have a partner who constantly blames our BPD for our symptoms?