Our Soul’s Purpose

Even if you do not believe that we have a soul, you can still have a purpose – even if you choose one and give it to yourself. Today we discuss the positives of having a purpose in life and how we discover what that purpose is.

An Introduction to The Spirituality Series

Today I kick off ‘The spirituality series’ with the first episode. You do not to have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this series. This series is here to introduce new topics to you, to help you ask questions and for you to use as a basic guide in your recovery from your […]

I’ve Had An Idea… (Livestream)

I’m considering doing a series of vids on spirituality – this could include topics such as reincarnation, meditation, visioning, journaling. The wonderful thing about spirituality is you choose your own path – there is no right or wrong. You do not even have to consider yourself spiritual to benefit from spiritual practices such as mindfulness […]

Discussing Past Problems

I had an opportunity today to chat with my daughters class teacher and give him any information that helps him gain a better understanding of my daughter. It felt really freeing to be honest…I spent so many years being dishonest and today I don’t need to be. Opening up with someone can be really enpowering.