In this video I talk about when I hit my rock bottom.

hi-yah today I'm doing a quick video on
hitting my rock bottom for me hit bottom
was an external I didn't lose everything
I wasn't homeless it was definitely a
feeling internally in the months up to
it I think I was a bit like a zombie I
can't remember everything everything
seemed like a blur mentally I really
wasn't well one day I woke up and it's
like I just said it just hit me I wanted
to die I've know I've never felt that
that empty-nesters like I was scared I
felt so alone I just was questioning
everything like how how how did this
happen um but I can see as well there
was my own doing but I just didn't know
how to fix anything I was like I think I
wasn't a bit of a daze I realized that
my life was like a Groundhog Day
I was just eating no I wasn't the
attention of public's a drinking I was
using I was sleeping I was drinking I
was using I was sleeping and that was it
so yeah just help the feeling you can't
really describe it unless you've
actually hit rock bottom yourself really
is one of the worst feelings in the
yeah Cory say much we'll NAB how it felt
like really yeah
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