In this video I talk about my experience with Social Services and my feelings around it.

hi peeps today I'm going to do a video
on a horrid subject social services I
feel is important I do this video
because people in addiction how come
mental health and chances are if you've
got children social services have been
involved at some point I don't say in
half and the chances are faith or I can
give you my personal experience around
this cause social services were involved
and they got involved just before my
third child was born did I like it you
know who really pissed me off
I've also got friends that lost children
in addiction people just don't get it
because people say why can't you just
stop for your kids oh that simple
base not children cannot make you so if
you understand addiction you'll
understand now the lady that worked with
me didn't really know anything about
addiction which used to pay me off but
to be fair to her she went out and she
started learning about him so I was
quite lucky that I had this lady that
was willing to learn about it I
personally think anyone working in
social services should have a better
clue about 12 steps throws up meetings
and what addiction is because not all of
them do and I think it's really
important right there's lots of people
out there that have a lot of anger and
resentment toward social services and I
get that especially if you have had
children taken away I completely get
that but in this video I cannot be I'm
against social services I'm also not
woohoo social services
and let me tell you my story right so
they got involved I was pissed off about
angry resentful basically they thought
of my child going on an at-risk register
which I'll didn't need register on that
basically said I'm a bad mom and I did
not want to think I was bad mom so kind
of knocked my pride a bit so I kind of
put barrier up I give her like one-word
answers was just I just didn't engage
with her at all really
and it's a lowly dawned on me actually I
wasn't doing myself any favors so I had
to change my thinking around it so what
I started doing rather than thinking
this woman's out to take my child I
started saying this woman's here to look
after my child and protect my child how
amazing is that she cares so much she's
gonna do the right thing where my child
how can she help me and so I started
engaging more when I had an appointment
I was always there for it I was open and
I was honest I started talking about
addiction more with her and telling her
what they could do to help me now I
believe you're in your right if you
haven't got a good connection with your
social worker I believe you can go home
and say look I want to change and you
are within your right to do that
obviously is if every time you get a
social worker and you say I want to
change maybe you need to look at
yourself from I think hang on I am
putting barriers up it's me I'm not
working with them rather than they're
not working with me
so I started working with him because
it's hard for parents especially moms or
single dads if they're in addiction how
are they gonna do their meetings few
nights a week how they're gonna do that
out if they need rehab how they gonna do
that who's gonna have the children but I
think if you tell them this I'm sure
there are ways you can work around it
and you can get help for me I kind of
built a certain whore Network around me
I went to the school said I want to talk
to the school counselor family family um
support worker at the school I talked to
the nursery and children went to I went
to the Children's Center and I just tied
building this little networker support
meeting other moms in a similar position
and for me I found it got easier it got
in the end he got to the point actually
my case was closed
so I had a very happy ending um but I
put in the work and I didn't do it for
my children because if you do it just
for your children you'll end up relapse
and all you won't be able to do it it
has to be something for you deep within
you you won't you think I put my hands
up I surrender I've had enough and you
take step one basically admitting you're
powerless you cannot do this on your own
you need help I do it's hard because
some parents if they're in addiction
they might want to go to their GP or go
to the school and say I need help
yes GP or the school they have to
safeguard against your children so they
won't go to social services so that is
the case I mean I can't advise you what
to do I can tell you I would have done I
think I really concise OSHA services
myself they like I need some help
he's helped me but you can only do that
if you really do want to help and you
really do want to give up and you're
willing to go to anything that's to get
help because you can't just sit back and
do nothing nothing changes nothing
changes I really didn't want to do this
video on social services because it
gives me that uncomfortable feeling even
now and but if you are in that position
you're so much better working with them
because unfortunately these people they
have authority that they can have your
children taken away and no one wants
that no matter what kind of addict you
are I know as being a mom just because
I'm an addict it does don't tell me I
don't love my children my children are
the worlds to me I would die for my
children but I couldn't give up drugs
because I'm an addict and it's not that
simple yeah that that's all I really got
to say on the matter you can't change
your thinking thing hang on Robin this
person got to get me these persons want
to help my child believe it there see it
guys I
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