In this video I talk about what it felt like when I started drinking.

hi and welcome to the drug and alcohol
addiction section of my website so I'm
going to talk about the first time I
tried alcohol and how it progressed the
first time that I remember take tasting
alcohol I wars trial 13 I was in Ireland
times with my dad's cousin and I tried
poutine it burnt hell out of my mouth I
burnt the hell out of my throat and I
didn't want to do it again I didn't
really get anything from that I think I
only had the tiniest amount and just bad
and by the time I was probably 14 me and
my friends would have sleepovers and
would have cans of beer now I didn't
know alcohols can affect me the way it
did but for me I just loved I feel I
just loved the way it made me feel like
I think I'm I can very confident around
people I know but people I don't know
not so much I had the anxiety hair
pulling thing back then and I talked
about my mental health section I'm just
getting bullied at school or I took
girls school
my thought was getting bullied a big
group of girls and I kind of fell when I
had alcohol it gave me this confidence I
liked who I became I just felt good I I
think I felt normal when I had the drink
in there when I didn't I felt on there
to do feeling Martin and I had the drink
last night yeah like this
so to start with it was just sneak
drinks at fans room 16 we'd go to night
clubs and drink energy drink kaput
absolutely I drink and drink Drake put
lots of tons of drink bottles and water
by the end of the night because I was so
drunk I felt so good anyway but by the
time I was doing my a-levels it had got
a grip on me in the fact I was having to
drink not drinking every day I don't
know if I was physically addicted in the
sense that I would get the shakes and
now I'm not sure because I don't think I
gave my body time to not have it I was
just drinking all the time
I'm surprised the teachers didn't pick
up on it that I don't lose at school
really I lost all my friends I know them
up a nothing sixth form or my close
group of friends I had made in my GCSE
is they just didn't really want to know
me I couldn't understand I thought they
all had a problem I didn't realise I it
was me Dad the problem I would be down
the pub it's be night Kingdom Kingdom
King had a boyfriend at the time he was
drinking a lot as well so that was kind
of like our life and he got unwell and
couldn't he got on well he got Crohn's
disease and found out he couldn't really
drink anymore so he wanted to stay in
and he started isolating from me he
didn't want me to go around to his to
see him
and so I just start going to the pub on
my own and just that once I had drink I
drink before I went out so I had to come
from walking to the pub in my name and I
started talking to a group in there that
I soon learn they did cocaine and I'd
never done drugs up to this one and at
this point I still didn't want to but I
didn't judge them I thought that's what
they do
I didn't I didn't have my school friends
and my boyfriend at the time didn't
really wanna go out see me he couldn't
go to the pub and he didn't want to do
anything else so and I would just go to
love my own and these people became my
friend that's and it was until after
that before I touched us
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