In this video I tell you about the first time I tried cocaine and how it made me feel.

I am the talk about the first time I
used cocaine which was the first ever
drug are used and it became my drug of
choice now I know in addiction what I've
learned it doesn't matter what drug it
is it could be cannabis it could be
alcohol prescription pills heroin crack
cocaine and crystal meth it doesn't
addict it's all the same for me my drug
of choice was locating had I had that
taken away our substitute which are
later than I did I thought I had clean
times cuz I do touch drugs for a month
but in that month I'd go mad taking
pills and drinking so much
so the first time I tried cocaine I was
in my room at my mom's house and I don't
even know how I knew to cut it up I
might not have even done it pokey but it
went up my nose anything and immediately
I loved it because it's not loose
antigenic I didn't feel out of it I felt
in control it was like the feeling for
alcohol gave me that confidence but even
more like I was like yeah it was just
bang that first day this next day I
wanted to get some now in the beginning
it was a little hard for gram for gram
but soon that changed to a gram the
ground changed to an eighth and then I
was just on a roll and pretty much from
the beginning of its every day I just
loved it I remember bumping into some
girls that believed in your school in
the pub of the first time I ever went on
my fart person I wasn't scared I was
like yeah no one blew me I loved who I
became I didn't really
that actually became a bit of a knob a
guy once told me and Trina used to be
the nicest sweetest girl when you first
came down here stop drinking now him he
said what's happened to you I said I'm
no different I didn't see it but clearly
I did I had really challenged I know
that in the end I was only the first
person to want the cocaine and I was the
one that's still wanting it at the end
it was just it was good in the beginning
it was all good in the beginning the
drinking was good in the beginning they
didn't take too long before it
progressed into necessary good but I did
beginning I would have done it otherwise
and if I could use drugs now
successfully and it made me feel how I
did in the beginning I probably still be
using but by the end I didn't feel like
I did in the beginning ray mm-hmm and it
affected my life too badly
I'm really that video nah
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