I believe there are different options for different addicts – are you dual diagnose or have you just been having a bit too much fun that has got out of hand? Or could you be an ‘addict of the hopeless variety’?

hey yeah today I'm going to talk about
drug addiction and alcoholism I sounded
really happy saying that dinner drug
addiction cookies basically what are
your options because I get messages from
people asking like thinking they might
have a problem and saying what what do i
do what do I do so I thought I'd do a
video on it first of all you got to
admit you've got a problem and look at
why you might have this problem because
I say that because there are numerous
options you've got rehab you've got
counseling you've got 12 step meetings
you know there's so much out there for
you but I think for me looking back now
it helps to know what does the drug
addiction stem from and what I mean by
that is I think we'll this probably
loads of different types of addicts but
I'm going to talk about three three
types of addicts one type of addict is
someone that's what dual diagnosis
they've got mental health issue so say
someone with borderline personality
disorder they suffer with addiction so
you've got that addict for that addict
often if you can get the borderline
personality disorder under control the
addiction will go away the only problem
is like for me I was trying to sort out
the borderline personality disorder but
because my addiction was out of control
I couldn't focus I just wasn't willing
to learn and so I had to go away to
rehab to have some time out and then
come back and then I was in a better
place to deal with the borderline
so that's one sort the second type of
addict is someone that might just have
started experimenting with drugs and
they like the feel in a bit too much
they start using a bit too much and
starts getting out of control because
drugs are addictive and that's the only
reason is they just started using too
much and for this type of person
sometimes all they need is to get a bit
clean time behind them where they're not
using and then they're fine they won't
go back to using their okay I would have
loved to be that sort but unfortunately
I wasn't but you do hear it people they
go where they go to rehab they come out
doesn't ever use they don't have to do
anything else for their recovery that's
it problem solved they got some clean
time done so that's the second time and
then the third type is the sort of
addict or alcoholic that has tried
everything and they just can't stop
using they go to rehab they come out
they use they do counseling they use and
I think this is the sort of addict that
is talked about in the big book of
Alcoholics Anonymous and for this sort
of a ditch what I learnt from doing my
12-step meetings is the problem isn't
the drugs in the alcohol obviously the
drugs and the alcohol calls them shit
loads of problems but that isn't the
actual problem the problem of themselves
they're irritable their discontent
they're feared up about everything and
for them they need what like the big
boot says a spiritual awakening they
need to live a spiritual life they need
to be constantly working on themselves
and it's an ongoing process that they
will have to do for the rest of their
lives so if you're wondering what you
will need to do one you need to kind of
what kind of addicts are you do stuff
with your mental health could that the
addiction be because of the mental
health problem or is it just you're out
having fun you got Vic dick tiered but
you'll be fine once you stop you just
need to get you just need to stop or
have you tried everything nothing seems
to work and you are the sole person
that's just always full of resentment
full of fear not happy in yourself and
so you use drugs as your solution to
make you feel better so once you've
identified what will a dick you are you
can then look at what kind of treatment
you need obviously if you have mental
health issues that is something you can
speak to your doctor now get assessed
get into counseling and deal with mental
health issue if you have just gone out
with your friends used a bit too much
again the same options apply you might
need to go away to rehab just to get
away from the situation or if you've got
family members that live way that you
think are going to stay with them for a
few weeks and then I can't use or drink
and go away then when you come back you
might not use again if you find you go
away and every time you come back you
still pick up and use maybe you're one
of the 3rd Alex and the problem isn't
the drink and the drugs and you've just
become addicted maybe there is an
underlying problem and it is the fact
that you are an addict of the hopeless
variety I think that's what it's called
in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous
and for this type of addict for sure
counseling oh I think the best thing is
12 step meetings getting around a lot of
other people that are in recovery that
been exactly where you've been and they
can show you what they did to get clean
there are people that can go from using
you straight into 12-step meetings so
you don't go anywhere you just pop along
to the meeting a few times a week and
they can stop but there's other people
and myself that didn't work for me are
because I would leave the meeting and
they're not going to use I really needed
to be put somewhere safe locked up but
somewhere where I just couldn't use that
I had to have that and then once I got
that clean time Jaime then I could start
doing clothes that means then I started
working on my mental health and there
are loads more options out there I had a
really good book so I what was there
called addiction for dummies or
something I'm a dummy and then read up
about it google it that's like my
favorite saying google it google it and
co-op shins are available in your area
but addiction recovery is possible you
can still go on and have the best life
ever and now i can think for anything
worse than using drugs I don't know how
I'd cope after by how would i look after
my kids it's hard enough not using let
alone throwing the using into air but I
just don't have that needle one artist
though I don't want that in my life
anymore because I'm happy and I'm
content in me and I don't need that
fault I got lonely bring me crashing
back down anyway
I think I'll leave that there I don't
know if I covered everything but then I
suppose I can always do another video
can't I say yes have a lovely weekend
guys take care hey
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