In this video I talk about the various things that I need to manage in order to stay clean from drug addiction.

hi guys today I'm going to talk about
what keeps me clean what keeps me sane
what keeps me happy
basically my answer is there is no one
thing that keeps me clean and keeps me
off the drugs for me it's been a process
of trial and error trying different
things I have gone down the route of
just throwing myself into 12-step
meetings and just doing the work
constantly and just putting all my
effort into that and that didn't work
for me that alone did not work for me
now that is not saying that 12 steps
does not work and the meetings do not
work but that alone did not work for me
like I said is been a process and
finally I think I know the answer of
what keeps me clean and the answer is
balance having a balanced the life yeah
by all means do 12-step meetings go and
do the 12 steps because you need that
for your recovery so just say I've got a
little box and that's my little recovery
box my meetings twelve steps there but I
also need to be healthy I need to be
eating well because I know if I just eat
loads of junk or that I can get mood
swings I need to feel energized so I've
got another little box this is like
health and fitness and that is walking
that I mean it doesn't have to be going
to the gym it can be it can be going for
a swim whatever to some kind some form
of exercise not just exercise looking
after yourself and that is eating
healthy eating regular meals so we got
the health and fitness down here with
the recovery box
and here's my other box family like
family so important to me and my
children couldn't keep me clean them on
their own could not keep me clean but
sure they are the hugest incentive to
stay clean having quality time with them
because I know if for me as a mom if I
kind of just focused on say just me ings
going to the gym
ferrara and a kinder didn't do as much
with the kids
I'll start feeling really guilty because
I feel like I've just really pushed them
to one side so it's important for me to
have that quality time with them and
that is like reading to them at bedtime
taking them to the park and watching
them play
even my relationship like with my mom
and my dad actually we could but haven't
Skyped my dad and I do this because I'm
like I said in the other video and I'm
feeling so tired I'm so sick I just
haven't been in contact with anyone so I
do need to Skype my dad in the next
couple of days because I miss talking to
I am so yeah so my goal I'm a little
family box relationships it could be you
go friend your boyfriend your husband
your wife but friendships as well not
just like that person obviously that
relationship is important because you
don't want to push them to one side
either and focus on everything and just
mmm and then grow apart because that's
no good so if you have that kind of
relationship spend some quality time
together friendships make time to see
your friends like I literally can count
my best friends on one hand I make for
time to go and see them it's not all the
time because I've got all these little
boxes of things that I need to do in a
week so trying to have to prioritize and
move things around but I'm looking for a
balance like I just said
finances if I am in debt up to my
eyeballs and I can't afford things that
is gonna get me down so I need to keep
on top of that make sure the bills are
paid make sure I've got some money to
take the kids out to the park and get
them an ice cream and be manageable
around that I then have another box and
it's work you know how you might not
have a job and they'll say okay like for
me where this is doing videos I'm
working on this this is what I'm
currently working on this at what I want
to do and they could be volunteering
somewhere I used to volunteer at
homeless shelter and it's just yeah just
going out there focusing on that it
makes you feel better when you do
volunteer like homeless shelter or
hospice or something it's so rewarding
as well because not only are you getting
something from it and it's keeping you
busy and you're building yourself soon
you're giving back and that's really
nice it's a really nice feeling actually
to do things fathers say yeah basically
I think I have covered the different
sections there might be others but me
time me by my little box of meat oh I
might be jewelry time because that is so
important to me even if it's just half
an hour you could do meditation you
could do yoga you go for a walk on your
own you listen to some videos on YouTube
whatever read a book whatever you want
but just take some time for you and
that's really important for me just to
clear my head I tend to do it in the
morning just before I get the kids
breakfast before I start running round
like oh we'd be late we're gonna be late
and I just tailed at 15 minutes and
again in the evening as well to kind of
reflect on the day and and I think it
helps me sleep at night because then I
don't go to bed with all this stuff
because I've kind of thought everything
over so yeah my answer to what keeps me
clean is definitely balanced if I just
went to the gym all the time I would no
doubt start using it again if I was just
meeting my mates all the time I'll start
using again if I was just focusing on
work and I forgot everyone else around
me and my relationships were family my
recovery I would use again and if I just
put recovery yeah I mean recovery is so
important there's the saying I put
recovery first so those that I love
don't come last and that is true but you
cannot make recovery
the only thing because I did that and it
didn't work for me it might work for a
certain time now don't get me wrong when
I first left treatment I threw myself
into the rooms that I went to the
meetings and I was like all twelve
stepped up to the eyeball but I needed
at the time I needed to get myself right
in the middle and surrounded by people
that could help me and I did need that
to start with but eventually I needed to
branch out and start picking up these
other boxes of things looking at my
health and fitness looking at my family
life looking at more relationship
thinking what am I going to do to better
myself how can I work how can I manage
my money and if you have balance not
just if you're a drug addict or you're
an alcoholic
I think if you suffer with your mental
health it's huge
as well because if you suffer you mental
health just like if you're an addict
you're an alcoholic
your self-esteem is probably on the
floor and slowly you need to build that
up and you do that by looking after
yourself building up some close close
relationships not friends will there be
Tom Dick and Harry you don't need
millions of friends but just those few
friends that you can let in and
let them see who you are and that you
can learn to trust and they trust you
and I just think that's so important so
yeah balance definitely for anyone out
there I think I mean I think it's
important for people that aren't even
addicts and don't have mental health
problems I think if you've got balanced
life you've got happy life so yes that
is my answer that is what keeps me clean
see you guys bye
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