Dr.Todd Grande Answers YOUR BPD Questions!

Today I had the opportunity to chat with Dr Grande and ask him all of the questions that you requested me to ask. Dr Grande specialises in the field of cluster B personality disorders, as well as trauma and drug and alcoholism just to name a few! His channel is covers everything from mental health, […]

The Big Book On Borderline Personality Disorder

Today I give an update on how close my book is to release date. I also give a list of the chapter titles so you have a better idea of what is included in the book. Amazon.com – https://www.amazon.com/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder Amazon Canada – https://www.amazon.ca/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder Amazon Australia – https://www.amazon.com.au/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder

Our Soul’s Purpose

Even if you do not believe that we have a soul, you can still have a purpose – even if you choose one and give it to yourself. Today we discuss the positives of having a purpose in life and how we discover what that purpose is.

An Introduction to The Spirituality Series

Today I kick off ‘The spirituality series’ with the first episode. You do not to have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this series. This series is here to introduce new topics to you, to help you ask questions and for you to use as a basic guide in your recovery from your […]

I’ve Had An Idea… (Livestream)

I’m considering doing a series of vids on spirituality – this could include topics such as reincarnation, meditation, visioning, journaling. The wonderful thing about spirituality is you choose your own path – there is no right or wrong. You do not even have to consider yourself spiritual to benefit from spiritual practices such as mindfulness […]

Discussing Past Problems

I had an opportunity today to chat with my daughters class teacher and give him any information that helps him gain a better understanding of my daughter. It felt really freeing to be honest…I spent so many years being dishonest and today I don’t need to be. Opening up with someone can be really enpowering.

A Medication WARNING!

More and more of us are looking at our diets and trying to live a healthier life – a variety of fruit maybe one thing we try to include daily. But…did you know that the innocent looking grapefruit actually has hidden dangers – one of them being that it interacts with certain medications! Today I […]

The First Step On The Road To Recovery From BPD

Today I discuss the first step of the 10 steps that I have developed to combat this disorder. Admitting we have a problem sounds easier than it actually is. To admit we have a problem means we stop blaming other people and past events and finally accept that the problem lies within us.

How To Cope When an Ex Moves On

There are times when we may end a relationship because it simply isn’t working for us…only to find months and months later that our ex has moved on with someone else and we are left heart-broken! Why does this happen when we were the ones to end it? Are we entitled to feel this way? […]

Dealing With Betrayal

Betrayal comes in many forms – not just an affair, but gossip, abandonment etc are also ways we can be betrayed. Being betrayed is so painful and it can leave us feeling as if our world has ended. Today I discuss how we can cope after being betrayed.

Validating Our Emotions

In todays vid I discuss how we can have our feelings invalidated and the negative affect it has on us. I also discuss how loved ones can validate how we feel and the importance of this in helping us to self regulate our emotions.

My Relationship With My Ex

I got asked to discuss how my relationship with my ex-husband was and is today. Do we co-parent well or are there still issues today? Our relationship was intense and unstable from the beginning and eventually we divorced. I used cocaine throughout our marriage and he hated me using drugs.   Today myself and my ex-husband […]

Symptoms of BPD Vs Normal feelings

Today I discuss how we tell the difference between being rightfully upset over something or whether we are just being overly sensitive. Do we isolate because we are generally busy or are we isolating on purpose? What about when we have a partner who constantly blames our BPD for our symptoms?

BPD, Dissociation and Psychotic Episodes

Do people with BPD suffer with forms of psychosis? Today I discuss this aswell as Dissociation. A BPD trait is feeling paranoid and/or out of touch with reality. Dissociation is our brains way of protecting us from emotional pain. It is often formed in childhood due to trauma…but in adulthood it only causes us to […]

BPD – Favourite Person & Fear of Abandonment

Today I do 2 video requests – 1. Having an F.P (Favorite person), what’s healthy and what is not. 2. How Fear of abandonment can manifest in us. Don’t forget to click the link below and sign up to be notified of personal appearances, events etc. The more of you that sign the more likely […]

BPD – “Who am I?!”

Today I discuss the BPD trait Unclear or Unstable self-image. Many of us struggle with this, to the point where we don’t know who we are. We wear a ‘mask’ and adapt to our surroundings, desperately trying to fit in, but to the point where it is detrimental to ourselves. Below is the link so […]

BPD & Relationships

I discuss how the different traits of BPD can impact our relationships, causing them to be unstable. Fear of abandonment, black and white thinking, unclear self image – they all affect our relationships. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder/dp/1936268612/ref=sr_1_1?s=clothing&ie=UTF8&qid=1525438367&sr=8-1&keywords=the+big+book+on+borderline+personality+disorder&dpID=51wwIUM7FBL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch https://www.amazon.com/Big-Book-Borderline-Personality-Disorder/dp/1936268612/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1525438432&sr=8-2&keywords=the+big+book+on+borderline+personality+disorder

DBT – The Beginning & The End

Today I discuss my journey with DBT. The difficulties at the beginning, how I didn’t think it would work for me and how eventually it did. I also have a favour to ask of you! Message me on instagram, twitter or facebook. Links to my social network pages are on my channel homepage.

Shame, Recovery, Jealousy & Toxic people

Today I discuss 4 different topics in one video. 1st: Feeling ashamed and embarassed after an outburst. 2nd @ 7.50 mins: My recovery experience – how I was then to how I am now. 3rd @ 17.45 mins: Partners dealing with a jealous bpd partner and 4th @ 22.27mins: Toxic people in our lives.

My Book….and my NEW website…coming soon!

Hi my lovelies – if you are interested in pre-ordering my book which comes out at the end of the year you can now do so if you go to www.unhookedmedia.com . You can also sign up for notifications about any events I may be attending. Also… myself and my good friend (and publisher), Megan […]


Today I discuss the impact of being bullied and give you some advise around what you should do if a) you are being bullied now and b) you have been bullied in the past.

My Cocaine Use

I spent years addicted to cocaine but could never admit that I had a problem, preferring to believe that I was in control rather than admitting the drugs controlled me. Physically and mentally it destroyed me . Luckily I have been clean for nearly 5 years and life is so much better than my using […]

Bereavement – How to Cope With Losing A Loved One

When someone we love passes away we can be left absolutely devestated. For those of us with BPD the emotions we experience are so intense and all consuming and we often turn to unhelpful coping mechanisms such as self-harming, drinking or using drugs. Today I discuss helathy ways of coping with grief.

BPD and Boredom

I believe when we think we are experiencing boredom, it is actually the BPD trait chronic feelings of emptiness. We can all experience this trait in different ways.

BPD and the Brain

Today I finally got my flip chart out to do a little brain workshop with you! I discuss the Limbic System (amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus) and the pre-frontal cortex and cortisol.

Is This A Borderline Thing?

I have always wanted to know the ending to films – the ending to books etc. Only then can I relax and enjoy what I’m watching/reading. Also – I absolutely can NOT watch anything sad – not even cartoons! I am really sorry guys but I repeat the story of the hippogriff in this video […]

BPD and Obsessing Over A Partner

I used to think a partner could fix me and make me better…so long as they did what I wanted them to do. If they did something that upset me I would threaten to self-harm – if they still didn’t listen to what I wanted I would then go ahead and self-harm and then I […]

BPD and Sexual Promiscuity

An impulsive reckless behaviour that we may exhibit might be sleeping with strangers. We want to feel loved and secure and often mistakenly think sleeping with someone is the answer to that – which is never is. In fact it more often than not makes us feel so much worse.

BPD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and OCD

People  with borderline often have another disorder – whether it’s depression, anxiety or  all of them. Panic attacks are scary – but our body is reacting normally – the problem is when we perceive something to be a threat – and it is not a threat. Our anxiety is not justified.

BPD, Clinginess and Jealousy

With BPD we have a fear of abandonement, we have low self esteem – and we have intense emotions – it’s no wonder we start feeling jealous and then acting on it. We really do need to learn to rationalise things though because our jealousy and clinginess often pushes those we love away.

BPD and Addiction

I believe I was addicted to drugs and alcohol as it was my coping mechanism to help me deal with my unstable moods and intense emotions. Once the bpd was in control the addictions went away.

Making Friends

Suffering with our mental health can cause us to be very lonely. Suffering with anxiety can stop us doing something about this. Here are some tips on overcoming these problems and learning to make friends.


What is the difference between a low mood and depression? How does depression appear outwardly. I forgot to mention in the video that sometimes .I would literally feel nothing when I was depressed – I was numb inside.  Often  when we are depressed we do not even know we are depressed.  If you think you […]

Is Recovery Possible If Not Offered DBT?

Not everyone is offered DBT – sometimes people are on a waiting list for 2 years or more and other people can’t afford it. What does it mean for these people? Should they just give up on recovery if they are not offered therapy? Absolutely not! Recovery is possible for everyone.


The word resentment comes from the from the french word re (as in to do again) and sentir which comes from the Latin word Sentire meaning to feel.  So resentment means ‘to re-feel’. I discuss how resentments start and how they continue and grow and the importance of letting them go.

Black Sheep Project – Get Your Pin!

If you want to receive you own Black Sheep Pin message me privately on here or on Instagram with your name and address and I will get one out to you ASAP!  Remember once you have your pin – to 1. Wear it with pride! and 2. Take a Selfie of yourself wearing it and […]

Jealous Of Everyone

I spent years and years eaten up with jealousy and resentment. I never realised my jealousy goes all the way back to when I was a child.  It is with hindsight that I can see where  I was jealous and the reasons for my jealousy.  Recovery has helped be let go of the negative feelings. […]

BPD and Loneliness

I used to be consumed with loneliness and I really didn’t believe I would ever feel differently. I was so alone and so desperate and yet I didn’t know what to do to escape this feeling.

Being A New Mum When Having BPD

I know how hard it is being a new Mum especially when the borderline personality disorder is not being managed. Lack of sleep, bad food choices and extreme emotions all play a big part, I discuss in detail the problems we have and ways we can help ease them.

Over-Sharing – Is It A BPD Thing?

My whole life I have been an open book and told everyone everything aboutmyself – this has caused me so much hurt in the past. Today I am selective (believe it or not considering I have a TY channel!) with who I share information with and what information I share.

First Ever Boyfriend and BPD

Hindsight is an amazing thing.  Back when I was 14 I thought I had met the love  of my life and he could do no wrong.  It is only looking back now that I can see the relationship for what it was – abusive and unhealthy.

BPD, My Kids and Me

I received a comment the other day from a lady who had been really hurt by her BPD mother.  Whilst I understand her hurt and anger I have to disagree that all people with BPD are the same.  I discuss my own children in this video and why I don’t believe I minimize things in […]

My Typical Day

It has just been pointed out to me that I mentioned the teddy story twice! I did wonder if I had mentioned it as I started talking and then I thought ‘No – no you didn’t!’ Duh! Sorry guys – serious baby brain and tiredness going on! My Day is like Groundhog day! I get […]

My Weekly Catch-Up (11th August 2016)

My Daughter had to go under general anesthetic after smacking her face in to a windowsill.  It has been a nightmare weekend and I still feel I am recovering from it! My daughter is on the mend but I just want to wrap her in cotton wool! I will be back next week with more […]

Is Borderline Personality Disorder for Life?

When I was first diagnosed with BPD I was so scared that this was it – this was how the rest of my life would be.  Luckily that wasn’t the case – bpd is treatable and manageable and you can go on to lead a happy fulfilling life. Plus you get to meet my boyfriend […]

Steps 6 and 7 of the 12 Steps

Steps 6 and 7 are taken together, thus the video is of them both together. These steps are about becomming willing to have our defects removed. One thing to note is that by doing these steps we are not trying to be perfect – just better than we were!

Step 4 of the 12 Steps

Step 4 is the first action step.  ‘Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves’. In this video I talk about my fears around doing it but also the importance of this step.

My Weekly Catch Up (20th May 2016)

Today is my son’s 5th birthday and it got me thinking about when he was born.  It was a couple of months after his birth that the world that I knew and loved collapsed around me… but I believe I had to go through that to be where I am today.  

My Weekly Catch Up (9th May 2016)

This week my washing machine broke, my car broke and my son threw a middle-of-the-night tantrum!  I have a son that  walks slightly slower than a snail and another  son who thinks it’s fine to wrestle his way out of the pram as it’s moving! Rarrrrrr!


I did this video for anyone out there that has or is considering suicide.  I had multiple suicide attempts over the years and it is only now that I am so grateful they were unsuccessful, as life has so much to offer me now.  There was a time when I thought I would never escape […]

The Books By Rhonda Byrne

In this video I briefly talk about the books by Rhonda Byrne. I’ll possibly do another video on this at a later date and talk in slightly more detail! Amazon links: The Secret (Rhonda Byrne). The Power (Rhonda Byrne). The Hero (Rhonda Byrne). The Magic (Rhonda Byrne).


In this video I discuss alcohol and heroin detox. I must add that detox alone is not an effective addiction treatment. BUT – it’s a vital first step. If someone is not clean, chances are treating them for addiction will not be effective.