In this book I very briefly discuss the ‘Big Book’. I am not speaking on behalf of AA I am simply giving my opinions about the book.

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Alcoholics Anonymous – Big Book.

hi my lovelies welcome to the book
section of my website the book i'm going
to talk about today is the big book read
book of Alcoholics Anonymous now I can't
talk on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous
but I can give you my opinion when I
left treatment I joined a fellowship and
it was suggested that i read this book
and I'm so grateful that I did now at
the beginning of this book you have a
doctor's opinion it's dr. silkworth and
he explains what he believes the disease
of alcoholism is you then have a
skeptical Phil's story but always a
founding member of AAA and he tells just
how desperate and he was how he thought
he was gonna die and his story of
recovery you have then got the solutions
so not only do you find out what so now
what the what is an alcoholic if you're
not an alcoholic you're an addict you
can change it to addict and it still
works so what it is and then it tells
you what you can do about it so it takes
you through the 12 steps it's got a
section for agnostics because a lot of
people are put off by the word God and
it kind of states you do not have to be
religious you can be an agnostic and you
can see this can still work for you at
the very back of the book it's lots of
stories of different people different
individuals and their journeys of
recovery somebody pull might I've well i
have heard say the language is quite
dated this book was written in the 1930s
um but i like i like the fact that the
language is like that I do like that
personally now
this book was written by bill bill w but
he did it with I think 100 other people
so when you're reading this this is
actually the views of a hundred people
the hundred first members of a a it's
not just one person's opinion I think
this book can not just work for our Alex
now collects I think anyone could read
it I think people with mental health and
looking at the 12 steps living a
spiritual life for me being more
grateful having kind of thoughts and
looking at myself and seeing what I'm
doing wrong rather than blaming the
other people all the time and that's
also helped with my mental health so
personally I think everyone should read
this it's a really interesting book it's
really nicely written i believe i think
and yeah that's it today hi guys
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