In this video I briefly talk about the books by Rhonda Byrne. I’ll possibly do another video on this at a later date and talk in slightly more detail!

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The Secret (Rhonda Byrne).
The Power (Rhonda Byrne).
The Hero (Rhonda Byrne).
The Magic (Rhonda Byrne).

hi today I'm going to talk about the
books by Rhonda Byrne now they are not
for everyone but I love them they're
basically about the laws of attraction
you put out good get that good
I read the secret is the first one I
struggle with the secret of beard the
book merely
and I didn't really enjoy it I liked
what he was saying but I didn't really
enjoy it but I watched the film of the
secret and it was amazing I really
really loved it so I then went out and
got the power very similar to the secret
but I found it explained it a lot better
to me I love all the little quotes in
there there's lots of little quotes you
can go through like you can take what
you can out of any book self-help books
I think are amazing I love them we're
really lucky to live in this day and age
but we've got so many on offer that we
can tap into and I kind of I read lots
of different ones but I just take what I
can out each individual book I would
highly recommend them I then went and
got the hero and it's stories it's
basically I think twelve twelve people
telling their story of how they became
successful what they did and so I really
like that it's different in the fact
that it's individual stories and how
they put the secret into action so I
then went and got the magic I love this
book I love it because it is full of
lessons so you've got day one day two
day three and the lessons in gratitude
now for an addict or an alcoholic
gratitude is so
important I think for mental health as
well it's very easy to get wrapped up in
yourself and think of all the things you
don't have when actually in for the
things you do have because you'll be
surprised this little things like I've
got my sight I've got I've got my five
senses I can walk I can do there you've
always got something to be grateful for
even if you're homeless from the street
will you're alive you know and it is
kind of just finding the things to be
grateful for this gives lots of
different practices so each day you've
got a different latitude practice and it
you do it over a month and literally it
was amazing it was so nice and a lot
like I don't do the gratitude every
single I do some kind of gratitude but I
don't do each of these every single day
but a lot of them stick in your head and
I find them really really helpful and
then I have got daily teachings and it's
just really nice little things - what
kind to remind you of the previous books
gratitude well the secret is Law of
Attraction etc I don't have it on me but
I've also got the gratitude book that I
write in every day it's just like a book
and you write what you're grateful for
and and I do that daily and a lot of the
time the same things pop up and so
obviously I'm really grateful for them I
mean some people don't like these bits
like I might recommend a book that other
people think scrap but that's okay
because just give it go take what you
can out of some and if you don't like it
discard it doesn't matter it's not the
end of the world I can't I don't know
what you're going to like but I can tell
you what worked for me and literally I
love love love those books see you guys
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