In this video I discuss how I have suffered with body Dysmorphia.

hi I'm going to talk about body
dysmorphia and I only actually realized
that I suffered with body dysmorphia
when I looked back at an old picture of
now because I remember when the photo
was taken I remember thinking oh my god
I'm do look so fat I look so fat what
angle shall have the photo taken by and
I really thought I was overweight then a
few years later I was looking back at
the picture and I could see just how ill
I looked I was like myself over way like
these two little sticks legs and I just
I just looked so real and that's what I
thought you really thought you were fat
because I could look in the mirror and I
saw a fat person now another way or
something wasn't right because I went
through a stage again I thought I was
really fat mirror I'll be looking at if
he put myself in my selfie and then I'd
get on the scales and they tell me I was
seven stone nine seven stone ten so I
knew what wasn't big and I couldn't get
my head round it because the scales are
saying that I think that shouldn't be
big and then I would go and look back in
the mirror and see an elephant and that
that sounds like um I'm exaggerating but
I'm really really nor um it can work the
other way it's well though but I got I
went through a stage wealth in for a few
years and then I was drinking Bailey's
at the time and slowly slowly the weight
started going on but I didn't even
realize and I'd be trying to fit into my
like size eight jeans I think my team is
shrinking but dream machines actually
shrinking it never crossed my mind
actually I was growing
um and I got on the scale Sunday and it
said I was over ten and a half stone and
Ostler because I hadn't noticed I've
even put on weight I was just like kind
of crept up so slowly that I was still
seeing myself as been inside a when
actually I had grown up and I would days
I can still look from the mirror I've
always felt like I'm really big up here
if the Sun but like I feel like I've got
big long muscular arms and I'll be
taught everything maybe I am but
nowadays are trying to look at the facts
more than just what I see in the mirror
my size a net my genes carry cameras I
think what does it say on the scale does
this say I'm an elephant no it doesn't
say something not an elephant but just
because that's how I'm feeling and so I
really understand when I see like these
pictures in like you've seen in
magazines these girls that stick thin
and their bones are poking out and they
still Pro lose weight I can understand
because I know people can look at them
and think how can you not see you're
like ahhh but that that's what body
dysmorphia is you're just looking in the
mirror and you do not see what other
people see simple
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