In this video I talk about the first time I made myself sick and why I did it.

you know all I'm gonna talk about
bulimia and how it first started but
going but right back to my childhood I
had normal relationship with food and a
light food I was never concerned with my
weight I being fat or thin never even
came into my head I remember when I was
12 years old I put on quite a bit away I
think I must mean I might have been
about 11 and weighed 11 throw something
or 12 and weighed 12 so it was around
that time I really really liked food so
I wouldn't have one pack of Chryst I'd
had twelve I wouldn't have a bowl of ice
cream I'd have the top so obviously I've
got mine now even then it didn't bother
me I didn't think I was fat just didn't
cross my mind so I've got 214 got my
first boyfriend and he was kind enough
to tell me I had no it dummy now I don't
think he said it to me mean maybe did
well I don't think you did but it was
just like oh my god my world came
crashing down I felt like I was huge and
that was the moment I thought I need to
lose weight so I started to start with
her to stop T in and we have to stay in
it lost lots and lots of way now this is
going back before us now colic before
drugs had come onto the scene I was
going through quite a rough time musket
I was winter and ghost who was getting
bullied during this time as well
although I don't remember the bullies
calling me fat I think it was just slag
some other horrible names um so yeah I
started just dieting now I would diet
I'd lose weight you're thin and then I'm
sorry and again I'll pick mm-hmm so my
weight with Jo so I got to 16 I was 16
years old and I decided I thought I need
a new way this isn't working for me I
lose the weight but I always put it on
why do I put on I love food so I had to
work out a way that I could lose weight
still eat everything I wanted it didn't
cross my mind just to change my diet and
eat healthily cut out sugar cut down on
the refined carbs um that the air that
didn't cross my mind so I decided I
would start making myself sick I thought
I would do it for a few months
lose weight and then stop being sick
little did I know that 16 years later it
would still be an issue for me um and I
was actually starting something that I
couldn't stop didn't even cross my mind
I really just believed that I would do
it for a few months till I lost the way
um I remember working in an office now I
must have been 18 at the time and a lady
came up to me in the toilet so she knew
a friend of mine who knew I suffer from
bulimia I don't know how but she came up
to me in the toilet and she said oh I
are used to suffer with bulimia but you
know I finally just started to get to
grips with it now she was 30 years old
and all I remember thinking is oh my god
I would never be doing that one on the
30 are so cold so oh and on other faiths
the other day asked me to make the
ancient but yeah that's what I thought
and I just remember though I've never
been doing it then and all seems so far
off in the future
and I really really didn't believe it
was gonna be an issue for me I just
thought it's something I can just do for
a bit and stop and but as you learn from
later videos I wasn't
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2 thoughts on “Bulimia and How It First Started

    • Thank you so much hun. Yes you can relate – eating disorders are so difficult to overcome as we can not be abstinent from food – it’s something we have to face every day. It takes a lot of work to overcome. xxx

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