In this video I discuss what it’s like to be a Mum.

hi today I'm gonna talk about being a
mom the hardest job in the world because
literally from the moment I wake up and
this isn't just me this is the loads of
mums single mum single dads out there
don't even have to be single but like if
your partner's out but working that
literally we wake up and from the moment
we wake up to the moment we go to sleep
our life is revolving round our kids
whether we're making lunches making them
food cleaning them dressing them doing
their teeth to drop them off to school
or doing their homework or doctor's
appointments swimming lessons work for
less than any kind of hobbies parents
evenings it's just non-stop and I feel
sometimes it is Groundhog Day I'm doing
this every day and you don't get a
reward for it they don't give you a
raise if you've been a good mum you
don't get pay rise you've been amazing
this week have a bit more money and it's
really hard because before you have
children you've got a bit of spare money
to treat yourself and all your sudden
children come along it you got nothing
all your money goes on them and it's
really hard because you only don't you
have money to spend on yourself and
treat yourself you have no time are
always moaning there's not enough time
in the day it doesn't help that on
lacquered because again it's really
really tiring and you're doing this from
morning till night day in day out and
not just that you also feeling judged I
know it's unusual plenty of parents you
kind of feel people probably aren't
judging you but you feel like you're
going to be so you've got to make sure
you're well dressed and looking okay
your house is immaculate your kids are
well presented and and kids always go
along and say the most embarrassing
Jessie do feel judged I was in shop the
other day my daughter is going around
saying i want this sweet on that's what
i said no but you can have a treat now
i'm very strict with what they eat i
like them to be quite healthy we have a
set sweetie day they make sure they have
their fruit and their vegetables but
this one day I said okay so I went and I
got like little thing chocolate cookies
and I'm at the till my daughter had been
asking for sweets I said no you've got
these chocolate cookies it's a one-off
it was my birthday so I knew what you're
having dinner late we're going to get
chinese we're going to eat later so i
said as a treat you can have this box of
cookies you can have a couple each you
and your brother can have a couple our
that she asked him for sweets asking for
sweets up said no no no no no so I'm at
the tail queuing up there's about four
people in front of me four or five
people behind me and I'm stood there
with my box of cookies my daughter goes
and she sees some kind of nutrigrain bar
mommy can I have this now they nutrient
bars they're made out to be healthy but
they're loaded with sugar anyway so
there's nowhere else getting at that and
learner the cookies so I said no you're
having these and at the top of her voice
she said why can't you ever just feed me
something healthy I wanted the ground to
open up and swallow me what made it
worse everyone turned around and looks
at me there I am stood holding my box of
cookies feeling like the most judged
parent ever I didn't know what to say I
was like just dumbfounded just like
looking at her thinking I can't believe
she's just done this how embarrassing
and she does that to me a lot and she
did it the other day and I shop again
she'd ask for sweet sweet sweets all the
way around I said no no look I went in
to get my eyebrows done because we'd
been to her shop so she got to do what
you wanted to do I said mummy nice have
arrived aroused him we sat in there it's
in there as she starts throwing a
tantrum that she's hungry now I know
previously all she's gone on about
sweets so I said no no I don't care this
is mummy time mummies getting her
eyebrows done it's quite small room lots
of people and she said all I want is a
couple or a cabinet or something again I
wanted to die everyone stared at me
looking at me like your poor daughter so
hungry all she wants is a bit of fruit
of edge and I thought you little bitch
the kids do that we feel judged and some
people do judge suspect the you know
we've got to kind of let that go and
another thing with parents is we feel
guilty about everything and I feel
guilty if I tell them off even if it's
for their own good and I feel guilty if
i spend time doing the housework and not
playing with them but i realize i'm
going to feel probably guilty for the
rest of my life and there's nothing I
can do about that as long as I know what
I'm doing is right for my children
that's ok so if being a parent is so
hard why do we have children ha where
they are so worth it so amazing and it's
all the little things I'm going to do a
different video but all I'll say on this
is organization is key really um you
have to organize your time well and if
you do it makes life so much easier it
doesn't make it perfect it won't stop
your child humiliating you in front of a
SHOP full of people but it will make
your life a bit easier but I will talk
about that on um different videos I'll
leave it there today bye guys
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