In this video I explain how I have been unwell for a month and the doctor says it’s all my fault!!

hi babes no well not doing this video
vism busy ah cuz I feel sorry for myself
anyway so I give myself sympathy but I
want to explain to you what has happened
to me the past month I have been unwell
for about a month I have had headaches
she was a cough sore throat temperature
Hong Kong flushes bowels oh my little
boys belong now so I've been focusing on
here and taken into the loss doctors
bring them home to club him I haven't
really gone to the doctor myself it got
so bad that this weekend I phone out of
hours and I made myself an appointment
so I've gone up the doctors and of corn
it now the doctor did not dude usual
listening to my heart be although he
started asking me questions first
question he asked me was well have you
had for breakfast today I was like cuppa
coffee he's all right okay what do you
usually have for lunch banana it's like
that it Twix
so then he said do you smoke and you can
see where this is going turned out that
i am sick because my lifestyle it's not
party lifestyle is just I haven't been
looking after myself I have been
skipping meals um and generally just my
eating's been pretty bad cuz I like I
said in other videos it comes into the
winter months and I don't want salad on
chocolate and lots and lots of carbs and
but they have done me no favors so this
doctor very kindly pointed out it was my
lifestyle so I was run down because I've
run down I keep picking up every virus
that's going I'm no order to change that
I need to change my eating habits so I
looking after myself a bit more so I
have been sick and ill and being so
myself and the other day my kids were on
at me yeah and because I'm not feeling
well I could be post it as I see when
you all know well I look after you no
one's looking after me Camille Austin
afterwards one side calm down I realized
I'd acted like a child and I did
apologize to my little ones and said
amatory mummies well that's why she did
that that does not excuse my behavior
but I am sorry Ben it always really hard
when you were a mum because we've still
got to cook we do what to clean the
other day I didn't want to cook cause I
please just have a McDonald's I like
I've never ever say that usually my
daughters like how I want you to cook
something I got no wow I'm
kick them to feel sorry for me so going
back to what the docs is that he
actually said to me go away and do a
video diary on this and tell people this
is what happens if you don't look after
yourself so that is why i'm doing this
video because honestly it's just been a
nightmare my little older nightmare
month i just want to get well I want my
voice back so I can shout in my kids
again without coughing yeah so if you
don't eat healthily start this will
happen to you and it's not nice leave it
that like
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4 thoughts on “Feeling Poorly

  1. It’s all to easy to neglect yourself in favour of your children isn’t it! Your Doc was right – thank goodness he made a sensible observation. Get better really soon Shehrina! xx

    • It certainly is – I was so busy running round after the kids I just started forgetting to take care of myself!! I won’t be doing that again!!!! Ive felt awful – finally on the mend though! Thank you for your comment Mel xxx

  2. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy
    your content. Please let me know. Thank you

    • Of course! Feel free to share. I also have a facebook page called ‘Recovery Mum’ and you can find me on you tube and twitter 🙂 xxx

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