In this video I discuss how grateful I am that I am a Mum today rather than 50 years ago!

hi today I'm gonna be talking about
being a mum today like in this
generation really as opposed like when
my mum had me or might now have my mum
or my Greatland have my nan because it
helps me feel grateful because sometimes
I can get so wrapped up in it's so hard
being a moron I get new time that I
forget how much harder it was for people
years ago the support we have I know
like I might not see people in a day
I've got my mobile phone we've got
internet we've got social media now we
can connect to people when back when my
mum had me that wasn't the case it
wasn't even like she could really pick
up the phone and ring someone I remember
she used to have to wait till 6 o'clock
in the evening when the calls were
cheaper to even make a phone call and I
started thinking about it when I watch
called the Midwife and saw how hard it
was for life back then in the 50s and
before how hard it was for mums just
like going through pregnancy and the
birth and the conditions in which they
gave birth down to like nappies my mum
used to use the old Terri towels we
should have to what and when she first
was with my dad and they first had me
they didn't even have a washing machine
everything was done by hands now we've
got washing machines we've got dryers
we've got dishwashers and they also got
like nerve advice like I look at my
bookshelf from the media I can see I've
got parents and puzzle thing no drama
discipline the whole brainchild a super
nanny book there's so many different
books out there we've also got the
Internet where we can go on different
websites and and get advice and get in
contact with other parents and they
didn't have any other
and I think it was my mum never drove
either used to be one car or family back
then if they were lucky and so my mum
would walk everywhere when she used to
have to do like her weekly shop
she'd be logging all the bags so am i
walking we're really really lucky in
this day and age and I even school in
like I I'll going to get my we've just
started like a new term getting all the
kids school uniforms you've got our
Sadie's Tesco's next pops and Spencers
are wherever but we can go and get
uniforms really easily back when I was
younger you used to have to go to a
specialized store and the price of the
uniforms was so expensive compared to
nowadays I think we get more help with
it off by the government now then again
when I was born on I don't think my mum
got much help then as a single parent
and so yeah for me definitely he like it
makes me feel grateful
my mum never got a chance to study I've
done courses since I've had the kids and
you can get money towards your childcare
costs if you want to study like that was
unheard of back then mums we're allowed
to go and study I just kind of thought
do a video on it really because for me
sometimes if I look back and realize how
hard my mom or my now I'm gonna grade
now had it kind of makes me think
actually didn't know I've got it okay
I've got a lot of support
I'm not isolated yeah that's it really
just ready to click video
so next time you're miserable and moan
you just think how hard you mama
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