In this video I talk about how important it is to make time for myself.

hi now I've touched this little up I've
touched on this in a couple of out of
other videos me time I've kind of got
two types of me time one is where my
kids are driving me nuts which does
happen um they can be fighting with each
other between man and man in the end I
just want what and I just want to
explode I want to tear my hair out I
want to head but a wall and I literally
feel like I'm going to explode and lose
the prop right so what I do in that case
is exactly the same is what I do for
them if they're throwing up addy we have
time out now time out isn't punishment
time out basically my son could be
having a big fit on the floor screaming
shouting not going his own way I'll say
right time out go and they he will go to
his room he can sit on his bed he scream
and cry or whatever cuddle his teddy and
when he's calm he's a mom I've calmed
down off once he's done that I'll go in
we'll sit down we'll talk about what
happened I'm asked how he's feeling
we'll have a kiss cuddle makeup and then
he can go from play again so they're
driving me nuts I'm night won't and I'll
same mommy's got going time out guys
mommy bloggers adorable and what i do i
go to the kitchen i will put on the
kettle I'll have a cup of coffee at not
a standing off compose myself and I
calmed down and I can literally feel
myself economy I'm standing there if
they try to disturb me i can manage on
timeout means I'm thrown out and um yeah
just calm down so that's one kind of me
time that I have to do I have to take
myself away from the situation and
because kids can drive you nuts and
that's part that is part of family life
and because we can't completely control
our kids and we can't completely control
their behavior and they're going to
excel at times it's accepting that and
learning us not to completely go nuts
over it right another type of me time is
the nice me time the kids are in bed I
can see I can watch a chick flick I love
chick flicks and yeah get myself some
popcorn sit on the sofa and really enjoy
make the most of that time not spend the
time clearing and then thinking where's
the time corn it's bedtime now thinking
right okay I've done the tidal i've done
this i have two hours to do what i want
what you want to do and sometimes i just
want to lie on the sofa and read whether
it's a magazine or book sometimes i just
want to lie there and just relax and do
nothing really what some crappy telly
and it's just whatever works for you but
just so you feel you have had some time
because as a parent you're so busy
running around doing things for your
children all the time you forget about
you and I think any parent came to that
and it's so important not to just think
no you're important too because if
you're all right your kids are all way
and you might want to write maybe you
write a diary may be served insert maybe
you go on social media it's whatever you
want to do to something you enjoy so you
can actually feel like relaxed and lie
you just feel so much better and its
really really important and i look
forward to me time every evening and
it's what I suppose helps me make sure
my kids are in bed for seven story done
by half seven so I because I'm looking
forward to that time where I can just
no kids to worry about the housework to
worry about I can just sit there and
then twice and quiet peace and quiet
because I do not get peace and quiet in
a day see you later bye
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