My brother has a degnerative and progressive disease in which there is no cure – but he is a fighter and as a family we are staying strong and are going to help him fight this. My brother actually has his own website Feel free to check it out xxx

hi my lovelies happy Friday I'm really
somebody I didn't get a video out this
week I have had a lot on the cuz my last
video was with the flipchart talking
about personality disorders and I was
requested from Alexander hi Alexander to
discuss antisocial personality disorder
and compare it to borderline and that
kind of set off my thinking and I
thought talk about all of them but now
I'm going to do two like antisocial
personality disorder verse borderline
and then history on EcoSport align and
narcissistic versus borderline so I'm
going to compare the cluster B's
basically if any of you do want me to do
the cluster A's first borderline of the
cluster C's verse borderline let me know
but for now I'm gonna stick the bees but
like I said I have had a lot on I am
briefly going to just tell you a little
bit about what's been going on because
I've never mentioned it before I did a
video with my little baby brother and I
call him my little baby brother but he
is not a baby
he's only two years younger than me his
name is Cole and I went on holiday with
him when I went away with the family in
the summer and my brother was there and
we did a video together that we were
going to put out but we realized
actually we went really off topic and we
decided against doing it and I asked him
when I was down the other week would he
liked it to another video and he said no
because his speech has got worse and so
I will explain what's been going on
because like I said I've kind of never
mentioned it basically my brother Cole
has we will always been very very close
because my mum raised us because
obviously my dad lived in Ireland and
and my brother took the divorce very
badly with my mum and dad he used to cry
every night me and my brother used to
have beds next to each other
we'd have stories together we did
everything when we went to Ireland to
see my dad we always went together so we
grew up really really close in my
teenage years I was horrible to my
little brother really because you are
with borderline you horrid to those
closest to you and he used to take a lot
of my ships basically which he which was
really unfair he should have had to deal
with that but we are close again now and
I love my little brother dearly daily
daily and he has traveled the world he
worked on cruise ships he taught English
in China
he worked in Euro Disney he is a
photographer so he's done so many things
he's literally traveled the world and we
noticed a few years ago that he started
walking funny and I used to actually
laugh about it and say you look like
you're drunk
because he'd just be stumbling and I
thought he was like he just looked like
he's drunk
it isn't like my brother cuz my brother
does not touch alcohol and my brother
has never touched drugs he was always
the really healthy one and he was always
the really good sweet sweet on as well
whereas I was kind of Nightmare trialed
and so his walking starts going badly
and eventually he kind of went to the
doctor he got referred to somewhere in
Charing Cross in London and he got
diagnosed with something called
spinocerebellar ataxia and basically it
is supposed to be genetic they say
spinocerebellar Beit them basically
they've tested all the genes that they
can they've not found anything this has
never been in any of my family before no
one's ever shown signs of this so we
don't know I still think there's a lot
of unanswered questions and he actually
he had an important meeting on Monday
night so this weekend I'm going to be
just researching Rhys
so I could give my mum loads of
information to ask the doctor basically
what's happening we have the cerebellum
at the back of the back of our brain I
think it's attached to the spinal cord
and the celebrat Belem is what is
responsible for our motor skills
movement coordination and
spinocerebellar is a progressive disease
meaning it gets worse over time and
there is no cure yet I'm praying that
they find one so basically his
cerebellum at the back of his brain is
disintegrating is disappearing it's
breaking down and so the first thing
like I said we noticed he was walking
like he was drunk and and it slowly got
worse and worse and I noticed when we
were away in the summer like I was
wherever he walked I'd let him hold my
arm which we never used to have to do
but it's to the point now he is
struggling to put one step forward he
often Falls his speech and he sounds
like he is drunk slurred speech and from
my research actually there's a lot
people that say who have spina
cerebellar that have been stopped by
security in like shopping mall or
something and said you have to leave and
because you're drunk and they're not
they have this disease and it the signs
look like they're drunk they're slurring
their words they are walking like
they're drunk but they're not and
luckily my brother hasn't had that yet I
think if he had that really upset me and
the upset would turned to anger that
people don't understand but so many
people don't I'd never heard of this
illness before and so yeah his speech it
can affect swallowing food like I said
there is no cure but we are really
fortunate that my brother's like
he is so strong because I don't know if
I could cope as well if it if it was me
he is so strong he is staying so
positive and he's like I'm going to
fight this I am going to fight this and
he's just got the best attitude and I
really admire him for that and I feel so
proud to have him as my brother and
parts of me sometimes think oh my god is
so unfair what's he done to deserve this
but you know I can't look at it like
this because then it's like I'm always
feeling sorry for myself and and he
doesn't want me to feel sorry for him
because he's okay and he is strong and
he believes he can fight this and so at
the moment we're just looking into
everything that we can do to make life
better life easier things that can help
him like there's certain supplements and
exercise is key and instead of just him
saying yeah that's it there is no cure
I'm giving up he's not he is doing
everything he can and yeah I am so proud
of him I think it's hard on my mom
because no one wants to see their child
going through anything really especially
thinking oh my god they've got this
disease it's progressive and there's no
cure but like we are a strong family
unit and we can all talk to each other
and we're not giving up we are focusing
on right what can we do what can we do
we've got to fight this and we're just
gonna fight it fight it all the way and
I wanted to do a quick video on this
I've been wanting to do it for ages
I don't know why I haven't I really
wanted my brother in it and like I said
we did a video in this summer and he
didn't put it out and now he doesn't
want you because his speech has
and so he doesn't I mean I am going to
try I will keep falling at him because I
would love my little brother in the
video but it has to be his choice if he
wants to do it or not and at the moment
he just doesn't and that's fine that's
fine that is his choice so yeah like
behind the scenes this is kinda what's
going on
and I have been spending a lot of time
doing research on this because we want
to do whatever we can to help my brother
so I'm actually going to leave this
video here and yeah I will possibly
title it as spinocerebellar ataxia and
you're probably thinking what's that and
now you know and I'm going to try and
get my videos out on personality
disorder so I'm going to do a few of
those today but I believe this love you
all guys hey
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