In this video I talk briefly about a parenting course that I did and how it helped me.

hi today I'm going to talk about course
I did co-parenting puzzle basically if
you are a parent c'mere mom or dad and
family life skin on top of you family
life seems like a drag and you think you
need a bit more support and social
services are not involved you can go to
your local Children's Center and ask for
a family support worker now work with
you and I really highly recommend it if
you do feel like you are struggling or
you don't have much support because the
bigger your network of support the
better is for you so and i work with
some lovely lovely ladies there the lady
of the most recently worked with i only
saw her today and she was still phone
and check in with me than though we
don't work like she doesn't work with me
now cuz i kind of completed it she was
still phone and check in on me and
they're just really nice people so
anyway and this lady got me on something
called parenting puzzle is a 10-week
course and it's basically like i
personally think it should be made
compulsory to every parent because a lot
of it that i learn I think I yeah I
that's common sense I didn't actually do
that and it's just kind of changes your
way of thinking um you can make family
life more fun this is the Burke I
wouldn't recommend just get in the
folk-rock recommend going on the course
because I did the course and we kind of
work through different things from
self-esteem two choices and consequences
there's lots of different title giving
praise personal power feelings of what
we do with them and what I found there
weren't actually any dads on it when I
did the course it was all mums but it
was so nice being in a room full of mums
and we've all kind of got similar issues
like are you fed up having to nag your
child to do something comes to
only visual toddler constantly throwing
tantrums and yeah this really changed my
thinking around parenting and my partner
then he went on he wanted to kind to be
on the same page as me when it came to
parenting say he actually did the course
as well I think he did a shortened
version that was five weeks or six weeks
and I'm and he got a lot as well and he
kind of meant we were both parenting in
the same way then so yay get down your
local Children's Center and find out a
panic because I really really hope would
highly recommend it it does make life
more fun make family life easier and
it's where i got my life time out so
they can calm down and where I take
myself one time out and another little
thing I got from it like I my daughter
sex my baby's a baby or one and I kind
because of the gap I kind of see him at
all to as much older but actually when I
think about it she's only six she's only
a baby herself and I'll forget that
sometimes this course really kind of
highlighted that point to me another
thing I realize I do and rushing around
after school doing things my dog with a
mummy I've done you a picture i'm at all
thanks to only thanks to and it kind of
taught me to think hang on oh do you
know what the dishes can wait put him
down to go down to her level have a look
at a pitch and be like wow that is
amazing um and I've found them because
they're doing something nice and I don't
want to be dismissing them but I wasn't
even realizing I was doing out just so
busy on a yeah yeah yeah in a minute
minute me um so yeah I'd really highly
recommend the calls to anyone
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2 thoughts on “Parenting Puzzle Course That I Did

  1. I’ve done this course ( twice! ) and I totally agree that it should be compulsory for every parent! It’s the best thing to help your kids and yourself 🙂 loving your website shehrina! Much love to you all xxxx

    • Thank you Hun! It definitely should be compulsory – some of the skills taught are common sense but I just didn’t even think of them until they were pointed out! Duh!!! xxxxxxx

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