In this video I discuss how much easier my life is made by having a strict routine.

hi I'm going to do a video on the power
of routine and I never used to have
routine with my children I used to kinda
let them lead when I thought they were
tired there Arthur right bed when they
were hungry then I'd get dinner on and
every life just seemed to be really
chaotic I never had time for myself I
never had time to do anything so one day
I decided to go and get a whiteboard it
cost three or four pounds in wilcos and
I wrote everything down I was like I
plan weeks dinners so I knew on every
day what we were having and I wrote from
the wake up times to say 6:30 wake up
650 do breakfast 7 o'clock get school
bags ready did it and it was all little
things just the mundane tasks that I
have to do every day I've put on like
from the school drop off to get home
Hoover get home to iron in judo da da da
I'd write down what we were having for
dinner on the board so in the morning
I'd say tonight for dinner we're having
shepherd's pie but tonight for dinner
we're having pasta and they knew the
children knew I would give the children
like 5 or 10 minutes notice on
everything so right guys dinner's gonna
be served up in ten minutes right guys
in 10 minutes it's teeth time in 10
minutes it's bedtime in 10 minutes is
mocha Miska time so they always knew
what was coming I don't need that ball
now because I was so but it was like a
military operation and I did it so often
it's now kind of instilled so I'm not
like oh my doing I know I clicked them
from school I get home straightaway I
get the dinner on because I used to not
a nod sit down and
a cup of tea and then before I knew it
was five o'clock Oh guys right what do
you want for dinner one would say pasta
one would say um something else and it'd
just be like Oh what to do it was Lulu
by the time dinner was served up he's
gone half I for the time they finished
it's gone six o'clock I still haven't
bought them they haven't done milking
biscuit they haven't their teeth on
nowhere near bedtime so bedtime was
getting late the later they go to bed
less time I have in the evening so I
decided to have this routine is the best
thing I ever decided to do my children
love routine they thrive on it
they're never caught off guard they know
what's happening all the time they know
what they're having for dinner because I
tell them in the morning guys it's pasta
for dinner tonight they know I have them
in bed by 7:00 read them bedtime stories
lights out at 7:30 and they know that's
it no mess it and they go straight to
sleep and they get good and I sleep I
then have a few hours to myself which is
so important
my life was so chaotic before I didn't
understand that it was because I
literally have no routine one thing I
would say is don't be so rigid that your
routine can never change because
sometimes things come up you might have
a sick child or a doctor's appointment
thrown in there where everything's then
you can't stick to your routine like I
had a hospital appointment my son
yesterday we didn't get home to nearly 6
o clock and I can feel myself starting
to panic at the end of the day there's
nothing I can do about it so all I can
do is get them home get them to know if
it's slightly later I might not like it
but it's a one-off so I can't let it go
but also not be so flexible that every
day you think oh it doesn't matter if we
don't stick to routine today because
then you just don't have a routine
I would recommend it to anyone for
someone in recovery especially if you
know what you're doing constantly you
don't have that free time to start
thinking got a bit of free time because
I know for me boredom could cause me to
use or boredom could cause me to drink
and I've got time now I fit things in in
a day I still sometimes wished I was
slightly longer to the day but nowhere
near as bad as it used to be because but
I have to be literally military
operation but it starts to come
naturally and it gets easier definitely
gets easier I would recommend getting
like I can't tell you what your routine
should be some of you might want to Bath
your kids every night some not unless
okay you choose but as long as you have
but you know what I started off slowly
like right I'm having a set dinnertime
dinner's gonna be at the same time every
day then I started giving them like milk
and a biscuit just before they have
their teeth done just so I don't get
them I'm home yeah when they're lying in
bed which they used to try to say up so
now I do milk and a biscuit and I do
that at the same time and then you can
think right I'll have them embed the
same virus early so you can add on to
your routine and it just becomes that
true at the end I no longer have my
whiteboard because I don't need it
because I know what's happening in my
yeah I'd recommend it to anyone see you
later bye
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