In this video I tell you why I prefer exercise classes over the gym.

hi I'm going to talk about exercise
classes because I love exercise classes
because I can't motivate myself simple
really if I go into a gym I will get on
the treadmill one minute in oh that's
enough and i will press stop and I will
get off the Machine and I will go over
to the rowing machine one minute in nice
enough yeah that's half and I will quit
so I have learnt that I'm at
motivating myself I will not push myself
at all as soon as I get out of breath I
give up so i started doing exercise
classes and I suppose it's partly pride
but you're less likely to after one
minute game no because everyone around
you is doing it and you don't want to be
the one that's all I can walking out so
you get on and you do it so for me they
work because they keep me there and I
want to be doing seem to be doing well
so I push myself and it's the only time
I do really push myself I love exercise
classes because I don't know why
actually I just do
thanks to that make any sense go to a
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