In this video I explain that you don’t need to run a marathon to start with!!! You could walk to the shop instead of driving (Like me – who drives 30 seconds to the shop!)

hi I'm going to talk about exercise now
if you were like I was and would rather
sit from so far than do any kind of
exercise the shops just there but I
still get in the car and drive because
I'm lazy you've got to know isn't
exercise doesn't have to be a huge huge
thing it can be really really simple you
can start saying i will take the stairs
instead of the escalator at the shops or
the stairs instead of the lift i will
walk to the shop instead of getting in
my car because i think it's quite
surprising just by adding a bit of
walking in it can have so many benefits
the fresh air getting out twice
therapeutic and is a bit of exercise you
don't have to start like pumping iron
straight away yeah that's it really hi
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