In this video I discuss why having a hobby is so important for me.

hiya and welcome to my hobbies dreams
and aspirations part of my website today
I'm gonna talk about why it's important
to have a hobby for me it's really
really important that is because what is
the point in life if you can't do
something you enjoy if you're just
working looking after your kids and
there's no fun then what's the point I
kind of wanted to stop the drugs and
alcohol and sort my mental health out so
I could enjoy life and and that's where
hobbies come in
it could be something just like reading
loads it could be writing a novel going
for walks cooking but I do think it is
important to have that something that
you can do that can take you out your
head and you can just let go have fun
because like I said what's the point in
recovery if there's no fun that's it
really by Guy
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