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hi guys i'm back i'm sorry i didn't do a
video last week i did set up to do it
and realize my camera was broken because
the week before when i did a video i
stupidly left my microphone and camera
on the table and my two-year-old had
lunch cheese sandwich and he decided to
put the little connector that goes in
the USB in his sandwich so got full of
cheese so i forgot about this until the
following week when i went to do my
video and realized I couldn't it's
broken but I've got a new camera now and
I'm back and I want to start being more
consistent and regular doing my videos
obviously I struggle I have four
children I have housework to do I have a
little baby who has just been sick all
over me and so what I've decided to do
rather than putting pressure on and just
doing videos throughout week I'm going
to try and just do one day where I do
multiple videos and I want to start
uploading videos on a monday or
wednesday and a friday and but they'll
obviously will be filmed on the same day
and let's see how that goes shall we
hopefully that will work nicely and
don't you thank you thank you i hit 3000
subscribers and that is so amazing like
I remember when I set up a year and four
months ago maybe and that's when i first
started uploading videos and i had like
two subscribers for ages and i would go
on my videos to see how many views i had
not have like 9 views and I'll be like
yes I got that infused nine people are
watching my videos so the channels come
a long way since then and I'm really
pleased because obviously we are getting
the message out there about mental
health about addiction and sharing some
positivity about it because they're not
actually very positive subjects are they
i remember when i was in MA
a darkest darkest days I used to see no
way out I thought I would be like that
forever and that was the scariest thing
because I thought I'm just living a
living hell and it's never gonna good
any better oh and yeah and I never saw
light at the end of the tunnel and
that's why I kind of decided I wanted to
do these videos to tell you even if you
don't see any light at the end of the
tunnel trust me it is there there is a
way out you can go on and have an
amazing life I'll look at the grumpy
face no good girl grumpy face and then
yeah so I wanted to kind of share that
with people and show them that you can
have some hope but also you're not alone
there's literally millions of us out
there I'm yet to reach millions of
people but hopefully we will get there
one day and those that be neat with me
for a while that have known me for a
while will know a bit more about my
history but for new subscribers I was
going oh look that is your grumpy third
for new subscribers i was going to
explain my channel quickly and how it
works because basically I've got section
on mental health and it's here that I
talked about all the things I suffered
with borderline personality disorder
drug addiction alcoholism anxiety
depression self-harm eating disorders
etc have you got wind so that's under my
playlist called mental health I have a
playlist called drug addiction
alcoholism and I'll discuss these things
in there I'm like just how bad it was
for me when I was in addiction I'll talk
about hitting rock bottom etc I have a
playlist on eating disorders I don't
think I've got too many videos under
there yeah I need to
add to it and by talk about bulimia and
what it was like and how it started so I
focus on kind of these subjects but i
also have a playlist called the
solutions because it's really important
we know what we suffer with we know how
miserable we were but we also need a
solution to it we want to know we'll
hang on how is how do we get better how
can we have a good life so I have this
playlist called the solutions and under
this playlist I will have solutions for
like borderline personality disorder so
I did DBT therapy I have done some
videos they will be under the solutions
are also talk about solutions to drug
addiction alcoholism like 12-step
fellowships etc and solutions for all
the eating disorders will go under there
as well or kind of Nita have a little
look at the Play yestin see what ones
are lacking because I know some I think
might not even have a video under yet
which is pretty set pretty shameful I am
I have a playlist called this
spirituality spirituality and I added
this because spirituality was really big
part of my recovery both with drug
addiction at Nutella and alcoholism and
also for borderline personality disorder
and so I think I mainly got all right
I've only got one video on
oh my mat ah are you gonna let me go
video hey look do your bouncy baby
bouncy baby sorry guys but if i stop it
i'll have to start again it's cool pick
up soon yes it is yes it is so let me
just finish just let me finish this
video please please leave these but i
have one on makeup and that's there
because i believe sometimes if i'm
feeling really crappy inside i can put a
bit makeup on and it just boosts my
self-esteem a little bit and makes me
feel a bit better so that is why I
included that I have a playlist whole
family life relationships and obviously
the subtitle says what those videos will
be about I have a playlist good life in
recovery and I talked about day-to-day
life what it's like now it's cetera and
I have got to play your school books but
I think I don't know if there might be a
video under there did ages ago and not
because I've got so many self-help books
and some are brilliant some not so much
but i thought i would share my little
reviews with you again I need to do
through the ice I'm not doing too well
Emma I do need to go through my playlist
and work out where I'm lacking because I
know I've got loads under mental health
quite a few under the solutions which is
important and their speakers as well
which our plan to have guest speakers
come and talk about their journey but
obviously I don't want to just invite
people round because I know lots of
people that city air or do it but then
they might go and Sue me so I just need
to get all the legal documents done so i
can't get sued or anything and then to
say it is their consent because
once it's out there on YouTube it's out
there is in the public domain and so I
need to let people really be aware of
that I suppose so hello hello you're not
crying now and so yeah that is how my
channel works I might have some more
playlists that I'm forgetting and oh
yeah i did add one recently videos that
aren't my own that I like cuz now and
again I don't actually watch any videos
on YouTube just cuz I don't have the
time and my partner however loves
youtube and watch these videos on them
all the time but never my video is
believe it or not but that's probably
good think then I can talk about him and
we get found out okay I can talk about
daddy so um yeah I'm going to leave that
there for now i'm hoping to get another
video demos I have half an hour before i
leave to get the kids and yeah thank you
again for subscribing to my channel for
watching my videos and for your comments
I love you guys bye
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