As I feel we are all friends now…I would like to invite you in to my home… xxx

hi guys today I'm gonna do a video that
is a bit different to usual and I'm not
gonna be sat still basically I've been
doing videos for a while I get a lot of
comments from you guys and I am able to
comment back and I kind of feel like
with phones now and as a friend I would
like to invite you into my house so I'm
gonna give you a little tour
I say house it's a flat and it is tiny
so at all will be quite short but I
would like to do that the only thing is
this camera here that I use I'll show
you this is my setup it's not very
professional is sat on this pile of DVD
this way I have my camera facing fee um
so as you can see I'm gonna have to
carry the camera around is also attached
to the laptop so I'm gonna have to carry
the laptop around as well but come I
want to show you around
um right and we're gonna do this I'm
gonna hold this subject yeah you might
even see my baby bump for the first time
right okay so this is my flat it's my
sofa there's my little set there's my
microphone my table it's a picture of my
little girl when she was a baby on the
wall that paper thing is a firework that
my son made we have my teddy all the
DVDs that I'm sure are going to topple
over soon this picture that I got walk
for my 30th birthday and I love it it's
by Neil Dawson I think I have good my
whip it with all my self-help books lots
of self-help from there
lots of kiddies honestly I've always got
so many books in this place right I hang
the kids uniforms that's my son's
uniform that I hang up there
we're ready for the morning I'm going to
bring you into my little hallway this is
my hallway cashews are nasty
now I'm gonna bring you in to kids room
it's a bit messy it's always message
right that's not bad that's a tent I'm
using let's hit a little bit my little
girl who's seven seats there my
five-year-old sleeps there I just store
the tent there now and that is the
picture I painted for my daughter's
first Christmas and the one I did Vicki
Ann's first Christmas so that is my
kid's room I will bring you into my
kitchen pots and pans everywhere out
just been making lasagna cuz I got
fringe coming round tonight
tiny as you see pots and pans everywhere
little can you see it's just a little
little kitchen I will show you my
bathroom hang on hang on this struggle
no I've got the laptop I'm holding the
laptop so this is my bathroom
all the kids see my bump baby bar so now
he's my rent and now you're gonna come
into my bedroom huh
this is my room this is where the baby
I say he's baby he's - he's not really
baby he needs his own Bert Bradley right
to come in and it's a tight squeeze down
here my bed I love that my mom brought
me back
she got me that when I was in rehab
so my cupboards my ironing pile down
there and I would just bring you in come
on one second
Oh hold on I'm my own sweet my ironing
board pump again that's fair so we are
now in my room as you can see I've got
one two three covers but my partner
doesn't live with me so it's all my
stuff you probably wonder because I'll
show you I always wear back no no um let
me just always wear that I don't know
why that is but yeah I do have lots of
pretty clothes in that I like my leather
jacket but I can't fit in any of them
right now as you can see from the bunk
again let me show you where's the best
view Oh
so that is one cupboard let me just move
you here and then I go to my second car
and again this is the one winter stuff
so I have got I love clothes I used to
buy stuff constantly but I realize a lot
of it I did because I was fixing and
trying to make myself feel better so I'm
pressing things out now No okay
so yeah I realized I was fixing on
shopping like I'm gonna pick me
hello you can see I need more space but
yeah I realize like when I came out of
addiction that like shopping was my new
addiction and I would just go and buy
and buy and buy loads of clothes shoes
was my worst thing all my shoes are
under my bed actually I love my shoe
I have must I might have at least a
hundred pairs but I don't get to wear
any of them and a lot of these are
bought like I said to fix myself and I
thought they'd make me feel better and
they did for a short time but as time
has gone on I've gone into recovery I've
realized actually just how like they're
not important it's the little things now
that are really important to me and it
used to be material I used to fix myself
on external things I thought those would
make me happy but now very much I
realize actually a lot of you have eaten
we're not feel happy and now I don't
need to then go and buy shoes I'm not
more practical nowadays I like to think
so yes
well I just wanna give you a little tour
of my little house my little flat that
I'm reading this book at minute it's
really good so yeah I'm gonna go and try
and do a proper video now talking about
recovery and the recovery process so I'm
gonna stop this but welcome to my house
guys hey
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