I hope you all have a lovely Easter and bank holiday xxx

hi guys i know i don't usually do a
video on some day but i wanted to wish
you all a Happy Happy Easter have a
lovely day try and keep yourself safe I
hope you are all well don't eat as many
chocolate eggs as I am about to eat I
when I was a little girl my dad used to
always get me an after eight easter egg
it was my favor and I haven't had one
for years and youth actually I say that
my mama it will kill me if she sees this
because I was on the phone she's how I
used to always buy you an off great
easter egg oh did you cuz I didn't
remember that one for some reason so I
guess I did so thanks mom thanks tab
yeah so I used to always get this easter
egg but I haven't had one for years and
years near so I was nagging my partner
because he went to get me one last year
but they'd all sold out so like two
weeks cars like there are the eggs don't
let them run out I want my off great and
he got me at that he would not let me
eat it early and that was a searching
move it so if we were in the shop
yesterday and it was one off 80 straight
left and the reason it was the last one
was the box was all crushed it was or
batters and I saw my opportunity or so
got it doubts it's usually like 10 pound
I took it till I was like this is really
mattered can I have a discount and I got
huge scam so I don't so I've got two
after a Easter eggs and so I will be
stopping them but yeah have a wonderful
easter and i'll be back in a week
someday be back monday Monday Wednesday
Friday and I'll see you then bye guys
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