Keep safe tonight, don’t set high expectations and don’t feel pressured into going out if you don’t want to! Xxx

hi hi hi hi give us a smile with you
missing - yes hi my lovely welcome back
to today's video welcome back I am I'm
literally just doing a little trick in
hot lady I assure that's a short video
yes because it's New Years Eve and
chances are a lot of you buy those
already out or you're going out so some
of you might already be out obviously if
you live in Australia Hong Kong you will
Barbados no no you would have had New
Year Happy New Year you are now in 2019
in 2008 see we are still in 2018 it's 9
p.m. here as I'm doing this the younger
two are asleep and these two are playing
and we're gonna have Chinese food don't
we yeah we're going to play a game and
maybe watch a film myself yeah we're
just gonna have a really chilled out
evening and for those of you over in
America I really like you and I still
have the picture of when you are
Barbados now I really want to go there
so if you're in New York I know that
you're you reach midnight so Happy New
Year at 5 a.m. our time so we will all
be asleep then but I really just wanted
to say keep safe guys because I know
safe lock your doors and set your along
you guys know what I mean keep safe I
would say like my New Year's I've said
in some of my videos were always a
catastrophe and main thing was I've
always kind of had such high hopes for
it and such huge expectations like it is
going to be New Year and it's gonna be
the best night ever and I'm gonna have
the most fun and everything's gonna go
the way I kind of expect it to where
though and I really set high
expectations unfortunately it never
never met my expectations and I always
was left feeling really disheartened
down miserable and yeah New Year's was
never a good time for me and I suppose
that's why now I have no expectations I
have my kids to keep me happy yes I do
so I don't have expectations I kind of
thought you're just gonna sit in we
haven't planned anything we might watch
a Harry Potter film maybe what
definitely is because we like that we
might play again like we might sit on
the toilet typical boy we might sit on
the toilet
what a funny
oh yes and one of us is out of toilet
before yeah because tear toilet before
year equals tear honestly the boy is
random so I think you all be new year
for us in like 3-4 hours
no five hours maybe three hours yeah but
I just wanted to kind of let you know I
suppose I should have done this video
earlier if you were in the UK but
certainly if you're over in the States
and you haven't gone out yet just don't
have really high expectations don't feel
you have to go onto that after party do
what everyone else is doing for fear of
missing out because do you know what
chances are you won't and I found ever
oh yeah just watch a movie or something
ever since I spend my New Year's in
doing nothing is the best New Year's
ever I love it I can't just watch
yes so guys have a wonderful New Year's
Eve New Year's and Merry Christmas
guys I love you all loads keep safe and
happy new year
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