In this video I discuss how different my life is now compared to when I was using and drinking.

hi how different is my life today so
different and not like money wise
because I haven't won the lottery I
don't live in a mansion it's nothing
like that it's all the little things see
my life used to be controlled by drugs
they were my priority that is not the
case today my priority is my family is
my recovery so how is it different it's
all the little normal things I get up
today i get up at six o'clock morning by
faith that's amazing I'm not a morning
person oops to sleep all day every day
before and that is not the case today I
get up I do what I have to do I get the
kids clothes they get their breakfast I
get them to school on time I can sit and
watch crappy cartoons and look at their
little faces and just think I'm so
blessed to have three amazing children
like I'm not tied down where drugs and
alcohol I can enjoy each day now I've
got in a piece i can run around after my
kids taking them to swimming lessons or
rugby lessons or doctor's appointments I
I'm not running around trying to score
because that is no longer my priority I
can be there for others today I pick up
the phone and I can say how are you
because I genuinely give a not
because I want something from someone
I'm not that selfish person anymore I've
got a bit balance in my life that's my
aim is to have a balanced life and it's
not perfectly balanced but before I had
family life rubbish work rubbish health
and fitness rubbish finances rubbish
drugs now container
10 that's not the case today today my
family life is amazing health and
fitness not perfect but I gave up coca
cola in January and I was drinking eight
to ten cans a full fat coconut an out I
can't leave are never used to drink
water I hated water but today I drink
water so my health and fitness is a
great but I've got a bit of balance
their work I'm doing this website like
doing this website's helping me because
it giving me that little bit balance
giving me something to do and I feel
like I'm giving back as well because I
want to help other people my finances no
they're not great I'm not rich I don't
have loads of spare cash by paying my
bills feeding the kids are clothed my
kids drugs and alcohol it's non-existent
now it's not part of my life my recovery
yeah I've got recovery in my life I
don't get to do as many meetings as I'd
like to do but i do do them and iphone
others and i try to work my spirituality
i enjoy life today and he is all those
little things that I didn't enjoy before
laughing watching my children I take
them to the park and I used to stand
there thinking God hurry up hurry up i
need to score or i want to go and have a
drink and now I containment of all can
just sit there and watch them run riot
and just watch their happy little faces
and enjoy every single moment because
today I am grateful something I don't
think honey what gratitude was really
really didn't I was ungrateful about
everything but now I'm grateful for
everything someone putting on them
facebook what was it I open to get two
gifts this morning my eyes and I thought
that's so amazing i love that quote love
it this all those little things i do
i've got my senses can see I can hear
can I experience everything about my
children and it's amazing um yeah my
life has just changed this is the life
beyond my wildest dreams really because
I always just wanted to be normal and
now I feel again there
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