Hi guys, I am so sorry I have been away for a few weeks, I have been poorly and only just starting to recover. I will put out a proper video on Friday – I just wanted to let you know I am still here. Lots of love xxx

hi my lovelies I am so so sorry
I have been away for a few weeks and I
really apologize because I like to be
there for you guys and I feel like the
past few weeks I just haven't I haven't
posted on social media last video I did
was the live video on Boxing Day and I'd
planned to do a live video on New Year's
Eve but I went home after Boxing Day and
I came down with the sickness bug and I
was really poorly that week little lady
got on well she'd been unwell before
Christmas then she won well after again
and yeah it's dirty sweetie is out to do
this home and then the new year came and
I was just so unwell just a nasty nasty
virus by literally just her have energy
to do anything that you guilt at you and
then just as always kinda gettin over it
and my dad actually flew over from
Ireland with my stepmom and they got my
brother and they all came down here for
a week which was amazing but I was
having to cook bigger dinners because
then these five adults Duke for four
children still trying to keep the kids
in a routine and by every night I was
absolutely exhausted I mean in the week
the kids were back at school was having
to call on the other moms and say can
you take the kids in just because I was
so unwell hmmm I'm still a bit of a
sniffling mess at the minute but I it's
not flu I have my future her chatterbox
but I mean I just feel like I'm burning
up I have taken I've had a limp and I
slept all day yesterday because I was
adamant that I'm gonna do a video for
you I Hey
oh yeah yeah oh you stolen your this
back have you stolen your soother back
what was I gonna say ah yes I told you
all my good news that I have got a book
coming out it's not out yet huh yeah I'm
still writing it and we are aiming for
it to be out end of October November Oh
this year which sounds like I've got a
lot of time but actually I have to have
the first draft the manuscript finished
by March 31st yeah yeah and I kinda want
to put absolutely everything in there
all the tips that will help you things
that I did
personal stories so I've got a lot to do
and again the past few weeks I have not
been able to write I haven't even opened
my laptop I've barely looked at my phone
I've literally just wanted to lie there
like and feel sorry for myself and at
the same time having this horrid feeling
in my tummy that I'm letting you guys
down because that is the last thing I
want to do
I saw someone said has she abandoned
Dawson no I would never abandon you I
really really apologize I I spoke to
Jaron who does my tweets for me today
and I actually said to her I said I've
been wanting to phone them and say can
you just put a tweet out saying yeah I
am here but I'm just really cool I just
didn't have the energy to call her or
text her so I kind of just shut off from
the outside world get off stop laughing
this one walks now don't you
you can walk now so she's getting
absolutely everywhere you got little
bumps on your head hey yes you do you do
you can wave in a wave yeah good raving
I'm gonna make sure I'm back this week
this is just to let you know where I am
I'm gonna make sure I'm back I'm gonna
do a video on Friday for you
and then I'm possibly gonna have to go
down to one video a week until the end
of March when this book is written
because I've got so much to tell you
and I want it good I want the book to be
freaking amazing so you look and kind
use it almost like you the BPD Bible
like it'll have everything in there and
I want you to read it think wow yeah
I'll get a lot from this not um I read
it once put it down and never pick it up
again yeah so to do that I really need
to kind of focus and why just write I've
only done eleven thousand words yeah so
I you don't have to beat me you get out
of it so I hope Happy New Year by the
hey Happy New Year I can't leave we like
halfway through January already it's
amazing where does the time go
yes I'm possibly gonna go down to one
video a week but I will let you all know
on Friday I will do a proper video for
you that will come out on Friday again I
really really apologize because I should
have somehow let you all know I'm here I
haven't abandoned you and it is just I
just had some nasty virus and I hope you
will enjoy your week and I hope you
forgive me and I'll be back on Friday I
love you all guys hey
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