This video was supposed to be a video request… but my daughter took over. I am going to do the video request live – ask me any relationship questions and I will try to answer them!

hi hi my lovely so we're not filming in
the other room because it's still
completely upside-down being plastered
and so we're in the room with the really
it's just bad you're right you're right
right and the bad curtains and it's just
bad so I tried to film this earlier but
it just it just wouldn't go right it
wouldn't I wouldn't go right I couldn't
say the right thing so I've done the
school run and with me the one with all
the attitude of course I'm love you
you are a pain in the butt though and
you've got really bad attitude okay so
here we are so I've been kinda talking
about recently like my videos are you
putting faces at me yeah that's a big
crane out the window relationships and
I've got video requests from Nathan
Nathan - my hair is really bad what
would you look like this blonde hair let
me see no this is how we see what each
other like my hair's getting done next
week and this I prefer it like that what
do you mean it's dry I know it's dry I
know it's dry
I really like it you preferably it's
Mike yeah like that
needs doing it's really bad I haven't
had it done since so we're doing if I
was doing the video request from Nathan
he was talking about relationships and
mental health this one wants her own
YouTube channel not quite what was
agreed if my dad says no icon that if he
says no wet know if he says no way I
can't make who says no I can't
and he said no second cuz he didn't say
no way he still said no they didn't say
no way so I can't
this is what I went out yesterday for
the haters that like you run before you
should go out yes not day I went out at
night so I said to this song I was like
so my ex was looking after them so it's
not like a babysitter's look at them no
let me tell this let me tell this do it
they've never had a babysitter this is
this is I don't go out I have no lifes
and my ex why you have a better social
life tonight you might fart now you're
my partner so I said I'm going out cuz
my ex is like fine you want to go out
you guys Thursday night I mean what am I
gonna do on Thursday night I had nothing
planned but I met my friend at the pub
and we had a really nice time but I was
back at a reasonable hour
this one reasonable 9 o'clock 9 o'clock
is reasonable knowing o'clock I was back
at Nick
that's really reasonable actually I
didn't really mind it because it will I
got to do is watch YouTube I think I
watch your videos for some of that oh my
god don't watch my videos of kidding
so I said to him going out and she was
horrified because they've never had mom
go out before yeah when when Ana looked
after you when Ana looked after you for
an hour so I could go to these sons
parents evening is that we are you
kidding me from 6 to 7 o'clock they've
not had a base that they had a
babysitter when I went to a parents
evening once the girl we're talking
about is the like woman at the nursery
who they know really well and she watch
them I love her there you go no listen
so I went out yesterday and I was like
this is really I had so much fun I love
being with the girls and I was like do
you know what it's time I get a bit of
her life and more anything else no I
love I love being with you I'm with you
all the time is it a hick no and what is
it it's suck mom I rather make my
example but we lived in the flat then I
said war a hickey on me I've never done
a hit Oh
I've never sucked it all wrong I you
were saying I said if you saw enough
blood will come to the surface
thank you so anyway god now the other
ones coming I'm not gonna get to do this
video this is gonna be a chat your video
chat your videos are good
is there any way
you only want me to put this video back
because you're in it yeah
so I real fun with the girls so I said
today I text the girls you're not one of
the girls so you know 15 ladies be late
I love being with the ladies not the
girls I love you like on the ratings
you're not over 18 you're 10 I feel like
I'm sorry anyway oh no you're not you're
not living by yourself ever you staying
with me forever
- anyway so I said to the kids today I
had a really great time even though this
one's like you stayed out really late
last night was like I got like at 9:00
you must we got into school late because
I put the heating on I change the
heating setting because it's been
getting cold so I changed the heating
last night's the heat and came on at
like half 6:00
unfortunately competing camera it was
really nice I stayed in bed got up at
8:00 got school late I never I never get
you to school a in year three I did what
on that week that I was really poorly
yeah yeah when else I will get your
report up to prove it
whenever days yes Wendy takes you not
when I take you I get you to school on
time I'm really careful about okay so
yeah I put the heating on and it was
really snug and I stayed in bed and
she's like st. caught and we usually I
can get up at 8:00 and I can get them
like teeth done breakfast dress and to
school by half eight I can do it but
this morning I just didn't but anyway
she was like could you went out last
night I went out to nine o'clock and
part of my night out was going to test
goes buying you new jeans for genes for
jeans day so had to go to the shop to
buy her some jeans or because it was a
charity a genetic disorder which is
close to my heart because my brother has
a genetic disorder she said jeans are
uncomfortable she needed jeggings so I
had to go and get them so that's what I
was doing at half eight last night but
any hope
I want to see my friends more I do want
to have oh my god here he comes
you got pastor on your cheek so anyway
this video me and the kids
so I did what are you not kid no she's
not teenager she's 10 so I'm turning 90
no you're not so anyway so I said for
them it's very like I'm gonna go out
next Friday just gonna go friend you're
gonna see my friends we're gonna go to
the park you having a babysitter she's
absolutely horrified by the film
I'm gonna go and get some beer wine
Prosecco you arranged what food how do
you I'm going out to eat a pub that
smell smells good sells food you know I
really don't think the people who watch
you ever see me happy
I'm always happy oh no I really wasn't
because you were cursing me because I
came in at 9 o'clock like of Avada
Kedavra I imagined you to be asleep
and you were fully dressed not asleep
watching YouTube and it paid off because
you know you so guys this is how little
my life is I don't go out I don't need
to see anyone
my children are my life a horrified that
I want to have a life what you're not
lost yeah I'm doing
oh you're not horrified my mom's fine so
I'm going to go out the pub with her and
eat macaroni cheese but I have no life I
really am aware Nathan Nathan I'm really
sorry I haven't touched on your subject
at all but this is what I'm gonna do I'm
gonna go live in a couple of hours I'm
going to be life with you I've never
been married before I don't want to my
text I'm gonna go live in a couple of
hours am i any relationship questions
have them ready to ask me and Nathan
I'll do it in a live video because
clearly this what's my favorite animal
Ethan your younger brother his feral he
knows he has a yellow with love I think
he's gonna do a good job of washing the
tissue no I don't follow ups that's an
you'll sound off so you write all right
don't touch hey Dad
no don't turn it off I've got a say boys
this is my video hi
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