I am going to livestream today at 9pm GMT (UK time)… hope to see you then!

hi my lovely is Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to you all
I said I would live stream and I haven't
yet but I am going to live stream later
today I'm gonna put this video out and I
will livestream approximately I say
approximately because I've got to get
Lottie to sleep and I so I'll say 9 p.m.
GMT which is the UK time so 9 o'clock
and hopefully lucky will be asleep by
then so I won't be late so yeah if you
haven't clicked the notification bell do
that and then you'll get notified when
I'm live later today so if you have any
questions to ask you can so yeah it's
been a really hectic let me explain what
I have got going on at the moment so
obviously the book launch is coming up
on 8th of January so that's literally a
couple of weeks away and so I'm supposed
to be doing videos for the publishers so
they can put out for advertising the
children are on their Christmas holes so
they're home a lot and I've also tried
to get this at beating the EPD tribe
website live in the next week so I'm
trying to create content for that so
it's really difficult when you've got
the children around because I just I
just can't do it so I'm kind of working
on that today I wanted to put a little
video out to say I hope you're OK
Christmas is finally over what a relief
we just have to get through the new year
now I'm really looking forward to 2019
2018 it was not great yeah I felt I
spent most of it either
I was poorly or the children were poorly
I'm gonna go on a health thing in the
new year um yeah basically
um my mind's gone blank you know like
sometimes when you've just got so much
on your kind to just bury a head in the
sand I kind of feel like I've been doing
that a bit because everything just seems
really really overwhelming and it's
annoying because there's times where I'm
really like raring to go but the
children are there and so I can't get
the videos done I want to get done and
it's frustrating but that's part of
being a mom I suppose it's um I don't
just have free time maybe I should let
the kids feature more in the videos and
then I could get more videos out because
I feel like I'm kind of really behind on
that and I want to be more regular I
struggle to find like a good time to
livestream usually so I'm and for some
reason I always think I have to book
here and everyone know in advance the
time that I will be doing it but that
doesn't always work because like I said
I have four children and say what I
might do is just still live stream but I
just will do it randomly just put them
out there and just randomly when I feel
like going live I'll just go live
without prior notice and hopefully some
of you will get me some won't but the
video will still be up then
um it's my kitty server was my little
server roof I got so much work on today
I've taken a lot to eat to the park it
looks like it's gonna rain now and their
house is upside down with stuff I spent
all that time decluttering a few weeks
and now I've got all new clutter so I've
got lots of the plays again I've
literally the kids have Christmas
stockings and bags full of stuff that I
have to find space for so I can feel
really overwhelmed from the house is
messy so considering the fact that it's
really messy and it's there's loads of
stuff that I've got find homes for and
I've got loads of work on it just makes
me feel like I just sometimes want to
curl into a little ball in bed and sleep
and I have been really tired and I still
got a sore throat that I've had for like
three weeks but I mean that's not
stopping me working really I think it is
just that feeling of like oh my god this
so much to do there's so much to do so I
need to get on that really so I'm gonna
do that today this was a little check-in
and to let you know that I will go live
later so if you have any questions
bearing in mind I'm not always the best
person at reading through all the
comments it does bear with me guys just
bear with me you never know
my mum might come on and give me a hand
and let me know what questions to be
answering so okay I'm gonna leave that
there because I like I said I've got to
go I'm creating content today for the
VPD drive and I need to get that done
but I will I'll be back and I will be
more regular coming into the new year
love you guys
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