I’ve had to do a video on no particular video today as the kids are home and are insisting on being in my video!

oh hi my lovelies today I am doing a
video I have got my little boy here
having a bit of a meltdown over pens but
that's okay hmm
and then I said to him I was doing a
video he said I want to cry you didn't
yes you did I said that's okay you can
cry we all can cry at times Conway yes
we can it's okay to cry it's okay to
feel sad as well I'm crying let's the
sadness out and that's fine
why you putting faces you found make a
meltdown cert and what stops there no
dance look at that
hello Lottie you think I can he's got
big hair at the moment we're trying to
see if ego grows up or down its gaze old
isn't it you know wave and say hi tell
it from what your sad what she won't
lend you her pen that's okay
we said we'll get you one didn't we so
that's fine my property property
immediate I mean it's nice to have a
mommy did she but he but she's broke her
you can't see there that's the camera
yeah she wants to go to space so I'm
like goodness you're holding the baby he
thinks he's gonna be famous the only
others very fine writer uh she wants to
go to space she wants to be an astronaut
yeah but media so so you'll be famous
for flying
even if she's dead ha what are you doing
little lady right for this video sorry
guys with oh I'm getting a Dumont hair
maybe I am
yeah we don't as you can see I have my
hands full I am actually down at Royal
today because Eason is nursery but as
you can see it's still pretty hectic he
doing all right guys and so Amelia wants
to do my hair and so I said okay just do
one video so you can see me with the
kids today right
should we let me me Division III you
told she's not three but she had to like
a cod nah she's 9 months oh she's cool I
think they're toddlers when they start
walking actually she stands there
doesn't shaky sometimes I hold you like
down okay so she is it Kutner I'm gonna
put you down I think you need to do your
hair don't you
so what minus-- yunkai out my head all
right Bailey let me do my hair I still
use a q-tip you can do it after how
about that yes
no let me put it down good boy no you
cannot because I yank your hair - does
that toots my mum and my children call
my mum toot she's this years old so
she's actually she's not surfing yes
that is eight really one two three four
oh my god and you're good at math that's
No lottie's hanging off the curtains
wonderful yes they call my mum toot
which is I call happy study - is
Hawaiian for Grandma so check for short
we are not Hawaiian my mom just wanted
to be different and so everyone just
knows for as toot that's it and the kids
talk favorite school it's - instead of
Grandma nanny or no they're on a week
half term
ten days but they all go into my mom's
on Wednesday for a few days they will
visit on your right we'll have lots of
fun I haven't forgotten about the
I'm really looking forward to doing some
videos with that and but I was trying to
make sure they're accurate so I'm doing
a bit of research first so I'm trying to
do that in the meantime and I'm also Oh
ever so quickly telling you about the
black sheep project because obviously
everything is still moving it's going on
so nicely but basically we have a
website I'm sure if you go online you
can see that website but that is not
going to be our final website behind the
scenes we are having something much
better built and that will be launched
now hopefully just before Christmas so I
thought I'd let you know in case you
just go on that website I think ok this
it because that's really not here it's
so exciting everything that's going on
like I mentioned before we will be
looking for volunteers and I will be
coming to you guys first and giving you
more details and tell you what the sort
thing we'd need help with whoa lottie's
just on a somersault Petey
what are you doing to my hair you're
actually what is that this mess and now
Emilio you can get the knots out nice
guys miss that's what a mess is I think
is not to don't stand on her hang on
plug what are you doing about your
property I am really sorry that this
isn't a video on anything in particular
but like I said are you getting things
up to you Kim what did you do to my hair
what knots in my hair it is Halloween
next week then we going
trick-or-treating we are and there's a
weird thing my mum never took me
trick-or-treating because she always
kind of worried that there'd be like
little old people sat in the house and
there'd be frightened and there's all
these kids knocking on the door asking
for sweets and maybe they couldn't
afford it and that and so my mum was
like she was like I just don't agree
with that I don't think it's right but
we will get sweets in and people can
come here so I used as a child just set
the door all excited waiting for people
to come because that's all that was the
only part of like Halloween I got to
enjoy really like otherwise it was no
different I wasn't allowed out and to
trick-or-treat and I tried taking Emilia
trick-or-treating when she was well
Emilia did get frightened basically I
took on Trixie she was too frightened so
I bought her back home and I said okay
mems we'll wait for people to come to us
and then someone rang the bell we open
the door they were dressed up scary if
she screamed and hid under the blankets
upstairs for ages so I never really took
her again but they have been asking
but I haven't done it but this year I'm
going to take them I said I am going to
take Oh Lottie always happened it's okay
it's still doing what you're okay you
didn't do anything right we're gonna
have to speed up MEMS because like this
is absolutely manic you're just choking
me with my hair actually Harry Potter
mad Oh agent you can do that yeah that
let's see what you give me bad MEMS no
no I'm gonna do it
what'd he look like that Buckbeak yeah
you want me to look like half bird half
horse or something oh yeah you made a
half horse and half planning but who are
you aren't March
okay I don't get me my what are you
doing to my hair
it doesn't sex like serious black coffee
okay I can't
what is that no I don't understand what
that noise is
I don't know what you're doing to me
hi he's only two years old I literally
tried doing some housework today and the
kids follow me Ranma he and I'm through
he threw a tantrum I can't remember what
was over but barricaded himself in the
bedroom with loads of toys against the
door and they are I just called in I
don't know why you're doing that
I'm not even coming in there so then he
threw out the camera yeah I guess that's
all I care
and then Amelia what were you stopping
about you velop dude pens know you are
hungry or I just starved that was tough
bad waking it's for finding ferry and
she'd 45 hey yay me I'm 45 thanks 35 or
40 35 oh no do not I turn 30
did I turn 35 or 36 yes I see 36 damn I
could've lost a year well maybe next
birthday I'll stay 36 for you yeah what
are you doing in the year up to 37
you're making Dumbledore's beard so can
he have a bit of hair and then I'm gonna
do Dumbledore's bed Thanks this is
everything cool
to me to do it
you don't put hairband on like that what
you do a Joey we're doing wait there can
let little it
look what Lottie looks like right there
look when we go not to look at the
camera that's not working today
sorry tumbled here I'll tie it shall I
because I don't know exactly what you're
doing to me they're just wasted do two
knots there Paul Lottie
they're hanging there like that style
suit me okay actually make your temper
your hat lovely arm art when I blow up
in a balloon
yeah are we done yeah yeah because I
would like to first stop this is videos
going on for ages
yeah no fetcher guys I'm Fred I know I
I done meant you don't need platter as
well because they can't sit on camera
and I'm gonna have to press stop guys oh
yeah this is just you I'm look what I
look in their videos I'm very pushy
what's he doing the way guys
they can't go up to my eyes I'm gonna
say boy goodbye guys I'm gonna try and
do a video no don't touch anything
have you really press stopped okay
you've done that no you haven't
don't don't mess around the computer
please guys I am going to be back in the
week like I said the game - my mom's
Wednesday so and she's coming I am
actually I just realized so I probably
won't be back to Friday I'm sorry
but hopefully I'll have some Betty video
Hey yeah I've been busy I we can't even
see you you're not being in a video
right let mister here see you next year
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