In this video I discuss the importance of having Friends in Recovery.

lor I'm going to talk today about my
recovery friends because my life in
recovery wouldn't be as good as it is
today if I didn't have all the friends
that I have in recovery what I mean by
recovery friends are friends I've either
met and that in a detox in treatment
center in 12-step meetings their friends
like yourself that are in recovery so or
if you've got mental health illness like
I used to do a women's group they were
my recovery friends they were friends
that we will suffer the same thing so we
didn't judge each other we could talk to
each other we could understand each
other now when I was in the grips of an
addiction suffering with the mental
health I'll either isolate or hang
around with people just like me that we
using so when you come into recovery all
of a sudden that has to change you can't
still carry on roaming around you have
to distance yourself from that life you
can no longer isolate because that's no
good for you you can no longer hang
around with your friends that are still
using because that's no good for you so
what you do you stick around people that
understand you that are going on the
same journey as you eventually the
journeys might go take different place
in one might like focus on family life
on my good job traveling the world
wherever that doesn't matter the thing
you have in common is you're both in
recovery you both understand each other
an idea review chart each other and
that's it really I've made the most
amazing friends since I've come into
recovery and they helped me I help them
I hope and and it's a vital part of my
recovery because if I didn't have them I
would be isolating because I've moved
away so I don't if I hadn't moved away
chances are i'd still be hanging around
with the be blow you say around with and
unfortunately they were using that and
so i would have ended up using
and that's it and but you need a support
network you need people that understand
you I don't really know what else to say
but one thing good about recovery
friends is if you start acting out was
being a bit selfish they'll pull you on
it and tell you you're doing this that's
so helpful it sound like to start with
it was that like this slagging me off
and now you know actually they're saving
your life because it's all those old
behaviors that got us into trouble to
start with ok I'll leave that there
today bye guys
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