It has just been pointed out to me that I mentioned the teddy story twice! I did wonder if I had mentioned it as I started talking and then I thought ‘No – no you didn’t!’ Duh! Sorry guys – serious baby brain and tiredness going on!
My Day is like Groundhog day! I get up, look after kids, tidy house then watch kids mess it up again etc! Obviously some days are slightly different but overall this is it guys!

hi guys it is 20 to 3 and I am supposed
to get the kids at 3 o'clock
leave to collect them at 3 I'm gonna do
a quick video right now I wanted to do
loads I'll see how we get on and if I
can do it in one take then I can do
another hopefully in one take but then
you never know I might get that done who
knows and because I feel quite bad I
didn't get them done last week so I'm
gonna do one of my typical day because
I've been asked do I work the answer's
no I house work yes but actual do I have
a job no I'm really trying to focus on
this website and yeah I want to get the
word out there about mental health and
addiction and recovery as possible so I
will tell you my typical day it's quite
boring it is a bit like a groundhog day
day in day out except at the weekends
which really throw me because I've got
no routine really at the weekend not
like I have in the week anyway right so
I get up at 7 my kids get up or get them
breakfast I have all their clothes laid
out ready on the sofa so they can start
getting ready for school straightaway I
have a cup of tea I used to have coffee
but it's pregnancy or Condren care and I
run my bath while they're getting ready
I jump in the bath I then put toothpaste
on their toothbrushes so they can do
their teeth I'll do the youngest ones
teeth and then my five-year-old comes in
he wants his hair gelled and like today
he was supposed to bring a teddy into
school today the whole class for
bringing a teddy so I told him he said
I'm not bringing it Eddy I was like why
he said mum it's not cool and he's five
and I was like you know everyone's gonna
have a teddy just bring in this head
here's mom not cute so yeah he's really
funny wants his hair gelled so I got gel
his her and it's kind and rushed
everything goes really quickly and we're
out the door by 20 past 8:00 they're at
school on time then I do the nursery run
and then I come straight home
and face the destruction that they've
caused in the morning and have to open
the blinds and open windows and start
tidying up hiding away the breakfast
plates and bowls and I just didn't
really just do some tidying and cleaning
housework clean the bathroom
Hoover mop whatever I need to do and
then I look at my little notepad which I
have here where I have written down like
lists of videos that I need to do and I
decide what what I'm going to do on the
day and I live from a laptop I said it
up and not doing my video and then I
start uploading and editing and round
about this time it's time to Wiz out the
door to go and clicks the kids again so
I go now and again in the daytime now
and again I will meet a friend for
coffee like I did today and that's why
it's kind of throwing me out and now I'm
trying to squeeze a video in I think
it's important that I do that because
otherwise I don't get any adult
conversation so I yeah I run out the
school to the school I click the kids
I'll go to the nursery okay my son I
come back home as soon as I walk through
the door I go straight to kitchen I turn
the oven on or ice to start preparing
dinner while they destroy my tidy flat
and completely trashed all that tidying
that I've done and I bring dinner out I
sit down I have dinner with them once
they have finished I go in I start doing
the dishes and they play if they have
homework they can sit down do their
well they might watch a bit of telly and
before I know it's about 6 o'clock now
my kids every bedtime used to get into
bed and go mom I'm hungry
so now between six and half six I come
out with a big plate with chopped
carrots cucumber Apple pears
strawberries mangoes or ever we have in
and like varies every day I bring up
like two or three items not all those
things together two or three bring out
snack time they're like vultures on it
wolf it down and it's great they don't
tell me they're hungry
anymore then they'll have a glass of
milk then I start getting um their teeth
done I brush their teeth and pajamas on
I get my pajamas I wash my makeup off
have a clean and yeah I get ready for
when they get ready for bed while
they're putting their pajamas on because
they do like to take their time putting
them on I start getting their lunch
boxes ready for the next day I dread
opening my son's lunch box because it's
often covered in yogurt and crackers and
it it's just a nightmare every time I
open it so I start getting that ready
for the next day so it comes once
they're in bed I can themselves
preparing the lunches I'll get that done
and then I go into that room and they'll
be waiting in bed with their books that
they've chosen my son likes done as well
as my adult life space so sometimes get
the older ones to sleep depending how
tired little one is I say little one is
two and I'll read like 10-15 minutes to
one 10-15 minutes to the other and then
it's like yeah by half seven and I go in
and get a little one to sleep
read to him get him to sleep once
they're all asleep it's like hobbies by
this point I'm in my pajamas so I've
been kinda got the evening to myself and
I will get breakfast stuff ready not
breakfast their lunch is ready for the
next day I get all the new clothes
because my son needs new uniform every
day because he covers it in food and God
knows what else so I lay all the clothes
out the underwear the socks and
everything for the three of them I said
that's all done
and then once that's done I go I take my
medication and I might have a snack or a
drink like some milk recently because
I'm getting heartburn because the
pregnancy and then I come and sit down
and depending how tired I am I can open
the laptop and reply to my comments
if like last night I had like an hour
that I could have done it and I was just
sat here like a zombie because I don't
want to be replying to people and not
giving proper answer and sometimes my
brain just can't seem to switch on and
so I just sit and I read a magazine and
I make sure I'm in bed by 10:00
usually ten o'clock because otherwise I
don't function the next day I need about
nine hours sleep really to be able to
function and and then I'm good I'm good
I don't need to sleep in the day then so
yeah that was my day and it's kind of
like that day in day out everyday except
like some nights obviously I've got all
the ironing the uniforms to do and I
didn't mention like obviously I'll have
to do a wash load today and it's putting
that away and um getting everything hung
up and sort it there's all so much to do
but I'm kept really really busy at the
weekend I'm thrown out a little bit for
the simple fact that I don't have to get
up and that's quite scary because then
I've got no motivation just to jump up
like and it does it throws me out whack
so at least I've hired and I can't it's
not like I can do videos on a weekend
because I have my little ones running
around crazy yeah in the morning I'll oh
yeah in the morning when I get my kids
ready I'm Quillan my five-year-old
always wants his hair gelled and this
morning I was talking to him gelling his
hair and I said okay and you're supposed
to bring a teddy to school because we
kind of we got a note from the school
saying all the children bring their
teddy in and he said I'm not bringing my
teddy in I was like why he said mum it's
not cool it's five I was like Vicky and
everyone's gonna have a teddy your whole
class he said mom I'm not kid it really
made me chuckle today
and then my daughter who is seven and a
half she went in with her teddy and I
don't think anyone in her class is quite
happy going in with her little teddy so
yes that is my day like I said I'm not
working yeah I would like to get to the
point that I can but I am focusing on
this at the moment and this keeps me
really really busy so I have a lovely
weekend guys I now have 11 minutes to I
leave to collect the kids I'm gonna try
and quickly squeeze in another video bye
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