This week I had my son’s birthday party, my other son had chicken pox, my partner peed me off (and I probably peed him off too!), I cooked dinner for friends and I had 2 pyjama days!!

hi today I'm doing my weekly catch up
the last week a trip i did was about
week and a half ago and it was my son's
5th birthday and the next day we were
having the big party and it went really
really well and I didn't get you
stressed and everyone enjoyed themselves
and this shows me how much more well
well well I am this year then I was last
year because last year I was like and
this year I was like yeah cool so cool
and yeah it went really good but the
next morning I was so drained
emotionally I was like I've got nothing
else to give and I looked at my
one-year-old and he was covered in
chicken pox uh so I had to contact some
of the parents with young children oh
really sorry i didn't know because my
little boy hadn't even like been ill or
anything so i just i had no idea that he
was gonna come up covered in sports and
he got them so badly as well he was like
covered so the next day it was a
chilled-out day but we kind of stayed in
all day and me my partner mmm like
irritating each other so that evening
sunday evening he decided to go and that
peed me off because i was left there
with the boy with chicken pox and the
other two and i literally got no sleep
for like three days three nights uh cuz
eason eason is my baby he was like Tara
nice skin throwing himself around the
bed and it was really distressing to say
I was absolutely exhausted I got the two
old ones late to school on two days like
half an hour late and we're never
usually late and just because I've got
no sleep I realized just how important
sleep is because I felt so sleep
deprived i felt like i was a zombie huh
it's walking around I remember making
dinner one evening I'm like stirring and
I mean Amelia saying to me mummy you're
falling asleep in the food I was just so
tired and and my partner I didn't see I
think the first three nights and which
did peed me off but I have to remember
that we're both in recovery and he can
get stressed at times and I do remind
myself of that the thing is our recovery
we're both in recovery but our journeys
are kind different like we both do
different things for our recovery we
both need different things we you know
we're different people and yeah so I did
understand and he came round I think it
was on a Wednesday night maybe all the
thursday and we sat down and we talked
and he said he was sorry and I was like
okay but I'm he was I just needed space
I just needed quiet and I get that I do
get that but sometimes all I need quiet
and I don't get quiet and it just seems
so unfair air because I'm a month three
so I can't just get I need a bit quiet
I'm off for a few days so yeah so we're
kind like but we're okay we're okay and
because I do understand that's the thing
and I know he loves me and he loves the
kids and so yeah it's all good but it
was just one of those weeks really like
just one of those weeks well I so
exhausted and I got no sleep and yeah
that really really really didn't help
and what did i do at the weekend
following weekend I had some friends
round for dinner and I did lovely food
because i love i love cooking for people
i love it and i did um BBQ chicken and
my special roast potatoes that are the
best in the world and i won't tell
anyone my recipe i did my homemade
potato salad they're from love and this
bean salad that I made and it's like say
a five bean salad but I used about seven
or eight different beans and and that
went down so well they loved it why
wouldn't they it's amazing uh and where
else i boiled eggs easy what else did i
do oh and then just like a big normal
salad as well with have a card here when
peppers and radishes and everything and
it was so young and with the mary
berry's source what one is its mustard
or something my mum board down and i
love it so I'll put that on it was
really really nice and it was just nice
just sitting enjoying food with friends
and yeah it was just really really nice
so that happened this weekend because my
older too it's half-term they've gone to
my mum's and so I've had really really
relaxing two days the past two days baby
went back to nursery today because he
couldn't go last week because of the
chicken pox so yeah that's why I'm doing
videos today and I haven't done before
now because I can't do them with him
running around but yeah that yesterday
and the day before right the day before
was monday and i went to the gym came
out all being great plated baby came
home had a bath thought what should i do
like pajamas on and i was in my pajamas
at like two o'clock the afternoon
and me and babysat open corner snuggle
together like this snuggle d exam to my
home and we put despicable me on and we
watched all of it and he's so good
because he's one is nearly 2 um yeah
he's need him and we just SAT and
watched the film together it was so nice
and I did like little party food kind of
like I did cubes of cheese and pineapple
and stuff we just stop munching and it
was so good and I can't remember the
last time that I relaxed like that and
it was so good I did it yesterday as
well and we watched despicable me 2 and
it was brilliant and also my jim-jams
again it like two o'clock I'm living the
dream I'm a rock star and that it was so
cool about genomic I actually went to
bed last night it for about half nine
but night before i went to bed at eight
o'clock i woke up at seven the next
morning so I had a good 11 hours and I
felt great yeah so great that I got back
in my pajamas at two and did it again
that are yes it was really nice I have
I'm just recovering from the last party
and I've now gotta start planning the
next one because that's in a month time
and it's kind of book like bouncy castle
and hall and everything is booked so but
I've gotta sort out all party bags than
that because my little boy eason is
turning to and my daughter amelia is
turning seven on the same day they were
born on the same day eason came on her
fifth birthday so that is going to be a
bigger party cuz I'm having one for the
younger kids in the morning then I'm
having that an hour break and then I'm
going to have the big kid party so it's
like two parties look I don't know why I
do it next year I'm not doing that I'm
going to do little small I don't know
take them cinema take them out to eat
something like that just a few close
friends and yeah i've got all that so
that will keep me busy and
what else has happened nothing nothing I
did a 12-step meeting today an na
meeting which is first time in ages that
I've done there I'm very aware that I
need to do a video on step four because
I've done one two and three and I'm
lying not part of a 12-step fellowship
anymore but i do believe they work and
so yeah but anyway guys that is my week
and i will be back possibly friday
khouzam yeah friday so see you then lots
of love to all I
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