I hit 2000 subscribers!  Thank you thank you thank you! xxx I also explain where a few of my videos are in this catch up.

hi guys today I'm going to do a quick
weekly capture am I explained last week
that my little five-year-old was playing
up and but it's all good he's been like
a little gem for the past few days they
really made me laugh this morning
actually I woke up and my daughter came
in and slide seven in the morning slack
all right mom I was like all right cause
my name's Dave for Dave she's yeah and
named Dave and I'm a really cool dude I
mean okay to you from up north are you
sure know from Africa where do they get
this stuff so then my little boy came in
his that i'm tom from australia not was
really an accident that's not enough for
connection but yeah it really made me
chuckle my daughter the other day and
she was like rounding her brothers
aren't pretending she must been doing it
because she's studying the tudors and at
school and she was like ladies and
gentlemen we must rise up from
underground and and we must take what's
rightfully ours and then so i turned her
and I said you know why you're from
underground she's like no why acid cuz
you're a worm and she turns to the boys
she was like gentlemen do not talk to
this lady for she is diseased actually
really made me up and my week my week my
week I've told you I've been so tired
this pregnancy and it's getting worse
like just I completely just want to
sleep honestly all the time okay every
day and I can't have three kids so when
I had my blood taken
anyway and it turns out I'm really low
on iron so I've started taking pills so
I'm hoping that my energy levels go back
to normal because i know for me if I'm
feeling more physically it starts
messing round up here I stopped getting
down I start feeling depressed I've got
no motivation because physically I've
just can't do anything so it does really
affect me mentally so um yeah I do have
a bit more energy today which is great
and I've had quite a few video requests
which I will be trying to get um down
haha I hit 2,000 subscribers yesterday
thank you so so much to all you
wonderful people that subscribed to my
channel and watch my videos I uploaded
my first video last November and it was
near the end of november that was my
first ever one so it spread and I hit
2000 on the first to December so it's
pretty much 2000 in my first year and
plus a few days but yeah obviously it's
not possible without all you guys
watching my video so I really do
appreciate here and thank you so so much
and yeah so I've got loads of video
requests that i will be doing i had
quite a few people asking from a partner
Darren to do a video I have been on at
him and I said to him today actually I
said look people actually requesting now
I really think you need to do it but I
can't force him unfortunately there
would have been a time once upon a time
that I would have tried to force them
but I'm not that person today I'm bit
nicer so and other ones i will be
getting done I've been asked about the
12 steps now 12 step recovery is like
toast at fellowships for
AAA appoints anonymous Narcotics
Anonymous and it's great and a lot of
people use it in addiction for
alcoholism but it can be used for people
with borderline personality disorder
just like dbt which was developed for
people with borderline personality
disorder it can be used in addiction as
well and and I've have requests people
saying you've stopped doing the steps
and like I did I think I did one I think
I got to around step 7 and then I just
kind of stop doing them so I'm really
sorry i will get back on that as well
because i know i need to do that and
also i'll get people message to me
saying like oh I'm looking for this
video with that video and and I kind of
wanted to explain quickly how the
website not my website my youtube
channel works I've done it in playlists
so you have a mental health playlist and
that's depression anxiety borderline
personality disorder so farm
rawrawrawrawr anything mental health I
have alcoholism and drug addiction in a
playlist and that's everything
alcoholism and drug addiction then I
have a playlist called the solutions
it's under the solutions that you will
find any videos on DVT recovery not just
recovery for mental health but recovery
for drug addiction alcoholism as well
and there are other playlists I need to
start adding videos to it I know I'm
kind of slacking little bit and what
else have I got to tell you Oh got the
kids christmas bear today which is great
but we're getting to see Santa I've got
tickets so we'll be doing that today I
felt like the world's worst mom this
morning because I got my kids to school
drop my daughter off that was fine drop
my son off he's in his school uniform
and it's non school uniform day and I
just don't know how i missed it was
usually I'm quite on the ball with this
and I did I missed it so he went in his
I and I said jewelry to bring me some
clothing so that no more right one so
lucky that he's like just so okay about
it but then I noticed there was three or
four other children in his class alone
that parents had obviously not realized
as well so he wasn't luckily the only
one in his school uniform but didn't
stop me feeling really really bad um
what else what's happening for me I am
getting fatter when the day I don't know
if you can I've got noise dinosaur when
my microphone can you see the bump huge
bump ha i got my tree up due to no angel
on it yet because it is a seven foot
tree and i live in a tiny flat and
really shouldn't fit in here but I
squeezed it in because I do like a big
Christmas tree it's not real because I
feel guilty about going trees down uh
yeah so there's no angel on it that it
does tops the ceiling I'm going to put
an angel on it but it won't be a real
like angel I'm thinking putting a
picture of me on there and doing myself
some big wings and looking down I don't
know I don't know it's just the thought
just the thought at the moment so but
yeah that's what's going on for me at
the moment um I planned on doing lots of
videos today and spreading them out over
the week but the old man my partner went
work and hurries back so I am supposed
to have a day free and I have enough had
to look after and I'm a little one so it
didn't work out as well as planned but
hopefully monday or tuesday i will be
doing more i'm hoping i can fit in one
more video now and yes i have a
wonderful weekend my beautiful beautiful
people ah love you guys bye
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