I have been ill and grumpy and not been the best Mum this week!

hi guys welcome to my weekly catch up as
you know I haven't been well this week
and that's why I haven't really done
there's many videos as I wanted to do
unfortunately and I've had the most
awful cough it's just a virus I went to
the doctor today it's just a virus not
dying that literally like I've just
wanted to sleep I'm so tired it's really
hard when you're running round off the
three kids and having to do the school
run in the morning having to do the
school pick up in the afternoon but I I
had something that made me laugh the
other day actually and I was really not
feeling well but managed to get my
butter the school to click the kids and
my son's teacher was like oh can I just
have a word I was like yeah go on then
and I was thinking I just want to get
home go to bed and she is I just thought
you'd like to know that your um little
boy because this is his new teacher he's
only just gone back this year and your
little boy's been telling us that you've
got your own website and I'm all right
he she said yes and you do adult videos
hahaha really really love so yes that
was no you are not like uh huh no
because obviously my kids know I do
videos but sometimes they like mummy can
we watch our videos and I said no it's
like adults because I will eventually
talk to them about things like addiction
and mental health I mean my little boys
five and I don't want to be discussing
self-harm why do I do that I keep doing
the three I don't want to talk about um
self-harm with him he's five so I say no
they're adults adult yeah so and now I'm
thinking how many people does need to go
around saying that to my mom's got
website she makes a dolt films sound so
dodgy but that did actually bring a
smile to my face and so yeah I have not
been the best mom this week I feel
really really grumpy I mean the other
day I had to get them I was talking to
my friend on the phone I was like I just
don't want to be
that I cut a can't cook and obviously I
know have to feed them but I can't even
be bothered to cook I just want to give
them some bread my friend was like well
why don't you just do some toast and
decent black beans being some toast so I
don't think you understand I don't want
to toast the bread I just want to get in
the bread it's it bare go because I
really did feel that rough I didn't just
give them bread by the way I did cook
them dinner um but yet not even just
that I've been really grumpy like my
little boy my five-year-old he loved
making paper airplanes and love is
making all sorts of junk really wherever
he can find old toilet rolls or bottles
he just wants to sellotape everything
together into one big fat mess um I
drives me nuts like I'm like that's such
a waste of paper do you have to make
like a million paper airplanes I don't
know why he can't make one paper
airplane and decorating color it in and
like spend his time doing that but he
don't he makes one throws it makes
another throws it over literally just
got paper airplanes everywhere that
driving me insane and then the other day
he was like mummy are can have some
scissors and can i have some sellotape
and I don't want him having citizen
sellotape ah I need to be there to watch
them especially as I have a two-year-old
and I don't want him getting his hands
on the scissors so I was like key and
not right now mommy's not feeling too
well mommy can't watch you I've got be
gene dinner and his I just learned
Erland okay everyone scissors wasn't Kim
not right now you know mommy's not
feeling about I told you mommy's not
feeling good and in the end I was just
like shut up shut up just shut up now I
don't usually tell my children to shut
up um I if I was walking down the street
and I heard some mom saying to her
little one shut up think how rude uh but
that was me the other day
um and I just lost it I was just like I
just I just wanted to cry I didn't cry I
wanted to cry but um it by telling him
to shut up he didn't shut up in fact he
got worse made more noise kicking the
walls and throwing himself about and I
kind of composed myself and realize it's
not his fault he just wants to make his
crap and so I gave him a cutting off so
I'm really sorry mommy should have been
saying sharp mommy's wood and he's money
not well I said yes yes that but no well
um he finally got it I'm not well um but
yes he told me he loved me and I said I
loved him and I and that's the thing
today like I am human and I can go but I
can also then turn round say look you
know what I'm really sorry I shouldn't
have done that I shouldn't have shouted
like that I shouldn't said shut up and I
think that's good for them because they
can learn you know just because Iran a
dog doesn't mean you don't make mistakes
and yeah then they understood why I was
the whale wars they know I'm not well
but yeah basically that has been my week
me just shouting and getting grumpy or
sleeping not wanting to cook not wanting
to do anything really but at the same
time really feeling like I'm missing out
doing my videos do your guys but
hopefully I'm feeling a bit better the
kids are at school at the moment when
they get home we're going to drive down
the two-hour drive to my moms and spend
the weekend there so they're so excited
I haven't packed their bags or anything
yet so I have to get on that but I
thought I'll do this best so yeah I
think that is my week all right my
lovelies well I will be back in a few
days doing more videos enjoy your
and I was be teasing bye
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