I am completely out of routine at the moment and am getting scared about the school run which will be back in about a week! How will I ever make it?!

hi guys i thought doing my weekly hot
shop ah look at my this is a bird Oh
Davey oh what a mess oh so hot today so
I hey on a billion doing videos oh okay
I'm gonna do a weekly cat tongue to get
super e minor my fringe see ya no no
right weakly hat shop aha what's been
going on my older two were with their
dad so I've had a quiet week ah but it
really does throw me out because I don't
then don't have that routine I enroute
like they have a lot school so I haven't
all that mad rush in the morning to get
me up so I do get up because they get me
up and even when the older ones about
their dads the little one is going to
get me up which he does but there's no
rush so it's just like moving role in
one pyjamas um sitting down and what do
you tell any thinking of lube tired I'm
so tired and whereas I don't get the
chance to feel tired when I've we've got
school because I'm up and I'm out and
I'm doing staff yesterday I was so tired
yesterday I went to it at 720 ah and I
slept to half seven mid morning I got 12
hours like and I did feel good for it
have to say did feel good I am the sole
person I need my sleep and I'm not very
good for not having my sleep I'm like a
dragon lady so I literally have to force
myself to go to bed sometimes and I
would try and make sure i'm in bed by
ten how rock and roll in my and I yeah I
have to be in bed by 10 if i'm in bed
later I start panicking because I know
how bad i would be in the morning and I
just went back very well and I was
talking to like my friend Joanne today
and I was like I just have to sleep I
need my sleep I'm this little person if
I don't have my sleep i freakin
nightmare and then it starts getting me
down I start feeling grumpy or start
feeling miserable but I'm aware of this
so I do make sure I sleep lot but not
too much because too much sleep isn't
good for you either and but the weather
has been so nice like I know there are
people that watching in lots of
different countries so the weather is
probably different where you are it's
probably actually better the UK does not
get the best weather and we get like a
heatwave it's like the three days and
then I'm so excited and this weekend is
bank holiday and I can't road because
i'm going to my mum's in the morning
with the little one and my partner and
we're going to spend their bank holiday
then hopefully my stepdad does a nice
barbecue because he doesn't amazing
barbecues and and my brother a little
brother my little my baby brother I say
baby brother he is 32 I'm 34 he is 32
and he is thinking of starting up his
own vlog to do with travel because
literally he has traveled all over the
world from light when he was 18 he went
and worked at Euro Disney in Paris and
he lived there he's amazing at speaking
languages as well I speaks French he can
speak chinese he wouldn't lived in China
then he worked for caribbean cruises the
qe2 or qm2 one of them the big cruise
liners doing photography he has worked
like camp america and he's just trekked
all over the world he is amazing so i
will be subscribing to him if he starts
I'm going to be having a chat with him
over the weekend that is really exciting
because I to be honest when I see my
family I don't really get much time to
chat to my family because the little
ones are there and I'm constantly
running around after them but I'm hoping
the weather will be nice tomorrow and I
will feel the little paddling pool and
plunk the baby in it I say babies too
and I will be able to sit and relax and
garden while chat with my family whilst
watching the baby obviously yeah that is
what I'm hoping that would be ideal and
I don't know if that's going to happen I
have got all like school uniforms and
everything that I haven't even done
verte ah and my mom keeps saying write a
list of everything you need I'm like
yeah I'm really not worried I'm really
not worried but I know it will get to
next week and I will go to get the stuff
and everywhere will be sold out and I'll
be like so am I do need to do that who
do I do um so yeah I need to get on that
I've got quite peaceful today today My
partner has taken a little one it's a
friday and he has taken him to see his
family for the day which is really nice
so I could do some videos and but it's
quite late I mean what times it's nearly
eight o'clock now this is really late
for me during video i usually do them in
the day ah but I didn't today but um yes
they should be back any minute actually
and hopefully little one is asleep and
go straight in his cot um and then maybe
I'll get some quality time with my part
maybe maybe because usually he will come
round and it he might have done a
meeting of that so if he's done a
meeting my 12-step meeting by the time I
gets here is half nine well i'm going to
bed at ten so i'm at hi how are you i'm
going to bed and I go to bed and
don't get quality time we really have to
try and make time because I've talked
about it in relation to finish it oh
videos how important is to make
time for each other so possibly if he is
back soon and the little one is asleep
maybe we will watch a film of my choice
because we like completely different
types of films he likes films
basically and I like chick flicks that
make me laugh rom-coms anything that
makes me smile ah but he had not into
that at bat um but tough tough tough
tough and what else has happened this
week I can't rethink of what else the
kids are back at school that we can half
I thought they were going back next week
and then someone another mum pointed out
it teacher training day for the thursday
and the Friday when I thought they would
be at school and so they're not at
school so I've got another few days
before I get back into routine I'm
getting a bit nervous actually because
I'm so out of routine I don't know how
I'm going to get up in the morning I
don't know how I'm gonna get them all
ready for school I and get them on time
I don't know how we're going to be doing
homeworks and getting them to bed I know
when it happens I'm sure I'll be fine
because i am quite strict on my routine
and i need to be but because i've been
out of it for like five weeks it's a bit
daunting that will be going back to it
but it does mean i will hopefully have
more time to work on my channel and my
website hopefully i still need to write
to Oprah I don't know how to do that but
I will get on that because do you know
what I just think
everyone deserves a chance to get well
and it makes me so sad that there are
people out there where I've helps not in
that area or it is in their area but
they can't afford it it just seems so
unfair everyone should be given a chance
everyone and and I feel like I'll make
it my life mission like if they
trained me I could go around the whole
world doing big conventions teaching
people skills meeting people just all
the people that deserve like what
everyone deserves with everyone's not
not getting a chance to do it I love
that absolutely love that and then once
all those people have been taught the
skills then they can focus on doing it
in schools so then they hopefully won't
have to teach it later on because the
skills will be instilled in their little
minds when they're young mmm I'm very
passionate about this so I just have to
have anything can think Who am I going
to contact who's gonna be who's gonna
listen to me who's gonna listen to me um
yeah I'm gonna go the time is bang-on
eight o'clock and they are not back yet
but hopefully they'll be soon so I love
you all and I will be back over monday
probably oh no its back on today Monday
I won't be monday maybe I'll try and do
a video if the weekend and post it and
that'd be quite cool otherwise it will
be wednesday hopefully don't know I've
got the other kids next we got got the
other kids next week do you know what
leave it with me not your problem I will
deal with it um but I will be back I'll
be back all right bye guys see you later
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