I still keep getting ill, I feel 100 years old, I’ve accidently killed my sons pet critters!!!!

hi my lovelies I'm gonna do my weekly
catch up so what has been going on for
me I was really ill yesterday I've been
on and off throughout this pregnancy
honestly is draining me I feel like I'm
a hundred years old and I'm just not
coping very well physically so I saw my
midwife yesterday and it's just viral
got a virus no infections nothing they
flew or anything that's really draining
me I felt so unwell yesterday like I
really wanted to do a video I literally
couldn't even open the laptop to reply
to anyone because I thought I'd get
through some of the notifications and
like reply to people couldn't do that I
thought I'd welcome some of the
thumbnails because I don't know if
you've noticed some time to make them
prettier and bright and yeah and I
couldn't do it though my partner so you
go get the kids from school work on a
conqueror anywhere and I've got an early
night and I was dreading today because I
was thinking I don't know how I'm going
to get the kids to school but I did and
I felt slightly better today um but yeah
if like I would love to have set days
that I do set videos but at the moment I
just can't promise that I can do them on
set days if they make sense because
sometimes I have every intention of
sitting down and doing them and then I'm
just really feeling poorly so and yes I
can't do that my son kiyan he is five he
had this little pack a thing called akwa
dragons that his dad bought him I can't
find the actual thing I don't know if I
show you can you see the cute little
dragon here little cute can you see so
it looks very nice cute little dragon
now so he's like all we do is put them
in water that's okay so started reading
it it's not cute little dragon they're
critters they lick bugs underwater
little bugs called aqua dragons they
have little tentacle things like this
and they grow 22 centimeters over a
couple of months basically the pack we
have was
eggs that were hibernated eggs and you
put them in water and they saw at you
laughs yes thank you um my eggs for
getting them I don't know if he did it
on purpose so I had to have load bugs in
my house I don't think he did because
when the kids told him he found it
hilarious and so I don't think it was
done on therapist but I'm sure we can
buy some for him to have at his house as
well so anyway so we put the eggs in and
wait a few days and then you see the
thing dark around and you're supposed to
feed them a tiny little bit of this food
so we had them in the little pot and
they were on the side in the kitchen and
I was doing some tidying up yesterday
and I must have just got the tea towel
from drying the dishes and just flung it
and I didn't realize it had gone in the
pot absorbed all the water well I can't
tell my son this I mean I really freaked
out because then I thinking oh my god
there's eggs there's bugs in my teeth
out through the tea towel straight in
the bin I topped the thing up with water
so it still looks like it's there and my
little five-year-old keeps going and
asking thing are they moving yet oh ok
not yet because I literally don't have
the heart to tell him because he will go
mental at me so I don't know what I'm
going to do i might just tell him maybe
I our flats too hot for them to grow so
I will get him some more that he can go
elsewhere dats yeah cuz I can't tell him
I put 30 pack on I can't I just can't if
I told him I put the tea towel in it
absorbed all his eggs he'll go nuts and
say yes I'm not going to do that my head
is not really with it today I was doing
a shepherd's pie because it's wednesday
i do shepherd's pie wednesday because
it's easy for after swimming lessons and
austere then don't really think it's
just not warming up realize I haven't
even turned hop on so my brain is just
not working that's possibly due to
pregnancy the thing is I know this
pregnancy is just going to go downhill
I am getting bigger it's going to get to
the point where I laughs and we it's
inevitable it's going to happen the
thing is I like to laugh a lot but I
don't want to we a lot pregnancy isn't
something I'm telling you it's not so
yes what else has been going on I heard
back from the family support about my
son they're actually not concerned they
said he seemed very happy very relaxed
he stopped eating his top he has started
eating a bit more food so maybe he's ok
I think I will still talk to him at some
point about the his sister's accident
and see what I can get from it but the
family support said they they had no
concerns which is brilliance which is a
good thing and so what else has been
going on me still looking to find
somewhere to live because I mean this
place is small with two children let
alone three let alone one on the way for
it's just not going to happen we are so
cramped in here to be fair it's ok
because it's really kind of humbled me
and I'm just grateful I have a roof over
my head and we've really made it home
here and I'm really going to feel sad
leaving but I mean whenever we have
anywhere Viggo's just going to be like
wow we have some space to get away from
each other because I'm sure we all drive
each other completely nuts and they are
driving me nuts watching ben and holly
at the moment then in Holly that is all
they seem to be wanting to watch at the
moment driving me crazy um yeah I think
I think that is all for my weekly
catcher I will try what day is it today
Wednesday Thursday no I'll try and do
videos on Friday next so if fingers
crossed as always if you have any
requests even if you have three or four
requests please do request them because
I would rather be doing videos that you
want to what
then stuff that I just make up in my
head and think maybe you watch and you
think oh that's boring so yeah just keep
the requests coming guys I can't promise
I'll do them straight away but if you
give me a bit of time i'll be on it all
right my love please take care bye
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