I am soooooo tired!

hi guys today I'm doing my weekly catch
up because it's nice and easy and I
could talk load of crap for a little bit
because i'm so tired i am so tired i
haven't been used to do in the school
run because I've had six weeks off and
all of a sudden I'm up to an alarm
having to run around like a maniac first
thing in the morning getting three kids
ready and it's Donna me only dumb two
days of it I have just been subtly so
far like this dribbling falling asleep
thinking just do a video just do a video
because I have planned on doing lots of
videos today and getting a few down
moving on to interpersonal effectiveness
for dbt and maybe doing codependency one
because I said I'll do that while ago I
haven't done it and so how few ideas and
I SAT there dribbling so I don't think
it's just that I'm getting up so early
it is i'm going to bed late because all
you lovely people I've got so I'm so
grateful like thank you for watching my
videos thank you so much for subscribing
and thank you for all your messages but
I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself
right now because I want to reply to
everyone and every now and again I
realized that someone messaged two weeks
ago and like if I miss them i miss the
message and on the because I know like I
can remember how desperate I was and I
know there's people out there going
through exactly that and I'd hate for
anyone to think I just haven't bothered
with them i'm replying to other people
I'm not bothering them so if I do ever
miss your message i am really sorry I'm
really trying to keep on top of there
and get back to everyone but it's slowly
killing me right now oh my god
absolutely shattered um I've SAT here
last night and was doing my messages my
mum phoned I love my mom and she's
darling darling right
darling I've just watched your video I
thought oh right these the ones i
suggested yeah um I hope you don't mind
me saying I am your mother yeah yeah go
on mom it is you did you forget to check
your nails haha i look i just looked i'm
on the phone time they were shipped to
bits right i would love to have lovely
knows all the time i love it but I'm a
mom of three I am pregnant I cook I
clean I change nappies it's my life all
that fun stuff so I paint my nails
regularly but my nails are chipped more
times than they're not chipped it's very
rare that they're not chipped so today
came and I remembered what my lovely mum
said last night and I thought I better
to my nails I did them two hours ago I
swear they're already chipping already
doing what is the point um say yes sorry
mama that chick males it is
unfortunately but they were bad just oh
well that's just me hot chip now um yeah
so anyway I'll SAT there wanting to do
videos not doing them realizing I've got
to get the kids soon I've got a sort out
dinner they've got swimming lessons
tonight fun and I really can't be
bothered I just can't be bothered The
Sun has come out it's nice and do I when
we say it's so hot in there so hot and I
just have to sit there watching them
thinking are they improving what was
this big fat waste of money they getting
any better be getting any better my son
he doesn't even listen to his teacher
you just keep dunking underwater
something hella I don't know him
John that is and it's very painful
experience for me but yeah i'll be going
along to that tonight so I've done a
shepherd's pie because we get back at
six and then I've got barred them I've
got wash their hair cuz I've been
swimming so everything is rush i don't
have usually when we get in from school
i put dinner on straightaways they eat
by hard for today we don't get in till
six so i'm gonna have them moaning at me
as well straight after mum angry hello
do dinner what have you bought for us to
bring the swimming mmm so um yeah I've
done the shepherd's pie in the oven so
that we're ready when we get home so I'm
having to be very manageable I'm having
to be very organized which is going to
take a little while to get back into
because I've had six weeks of just no
organization really under school lots of
lazy mornings no alarm clocks and no set
dinner time to even I don't think so
it's just been all over the place and
now it's kind of getting back into them
I know it's fine when I get back into my
routine I'm just not in it yet I'm just
not feeling it it's gonna be positive
com be bothered to do anything today but
here I am doing video talking crap but
I'm not going to get to do a video
tomorrow but I will be back on Friday
and hopefully I will have a lot more to
offer you up and I do today but um yeah
thank you again for watching a video
might be watching your videos watching
my videos so i told you i'm tired and
watching my video is subscribing and all
your lovely messages and your comments
and am I really do appreciate it and
it's really nice to hear back from you I
think I'm even surprised myself actually
just helped huge borderline personality
disorder is when i set out decided to
set out and do this I
I have no idea really I knew there are
other people out there that had it and I
wanted to reach out to them but did I
realize so many people now I didn't it's
been a real eye-opener for me so yeah
I'm gonna be back Friday anyway but
thank you so much again and as always
stay strong peeps bye
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