It has been over a week since my daughter hurt herself now and I thought I’d do a quick catch up on how we are getting on.

hi guys I'm just finished doing my
emotion regulation video which i'll
upload data today and i thought i'd do
quickly weekly catch up because last
time i SPECT you my little girl her lip
was really bad and it really affected me
seeing her like that and started
panicking thinking am I going to get
post-traumatic stress disorder I
worrying about how I was feeling because
it really like it really affected me but
I am happy to say that I'm okay I don't
think I have post-traumatic stress
disorder and I think it was quite normal
for me to go through those feedings
seeing that my precious little girl hurt
like that she is doing amazing it's all
like healing up lovely which is really
good to see and I thought should be like
really nervous about doing stuff but
she's still mental as ever and no fear
just running around and I let her now
rather than don't do this don't do that
but do this I've been out to relax
because I realize accidents do happen
these things do happen and how I felt
about it after that was perfectly
healthy I talked about it I dealt with
the feelings I suppose I'll kind of let
it go so things are really really good i
forgot to say in my last video like when
i got back from the hospital with her my
little boy and who is 5 here he'd made
her a little card and he said i'd rue
elephants on it cuz they're your
favorite animal and he walked up to her
and he's stroking her arm giving her
cuddle and it was just the sweetest
thing to say I've got all my little boy
he was he was obviously really really
worried about his sister the youngest
one I don't think he knew anything
happened really I think he went up to
her and probably smack from ahead of
something called her to scream at him
because he's only two but yeah it when
it was really nice seeing that close
little bond between my little ones we've
had a really nice week we watch
neutralist last night we had they played
crazy golf
the week we've been down to the river
we've been to the park they paid and
pull and yeah and we're enjoying the
sunshine I really want to be out in the
sunshine today well it's been a week
since I've done a video and I like
talking to you guys so I thought stay in
and miss this little but yeah that
that's basically it for this week I
thought I'd just do a quick quick
catch-up and just let you know how
things are and things are good so but
also thank you so much for your comments
and that or your lovely comments about
my door and hoping she's well in that
and its really really appreciated right
of you bye guys
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