The kids are back at school and I’m happy I can get back in to a routine!

hi my lovelies I've got to apologize my
eyes are really tired I just fell asleep
actually trying to get baby to have a
sleep because she wouldn't sleep and I
ended up falling asleep and I've come
downstairs tiptoed tiptoed down so I
could do this video and I've just heard
her cry she's gone quiet against such
mug yes Lee right and I'm really sorry i
didn't have videos out last week i did
do videos to put out last week because i
explained the kids were on their easter
holidays and so i wouldn't have time to
do them last week so i did them of the
week before but i don't know if you
noticed in my last two videos the volume
some people were getting no sound and
most other people getting really really
low volume so i thought there's no point
in putting these videos out I may as
well redo them so I am sorry for that I
would have loved to get some videos done
but the kids obviously on the holidays
and I wanted them to have fun because
they spent the first week from my mom
which was lovely they had great fun and
usually I can often spend so long just
tidying the house so cooking cleaning
and that they're kind of just entertain
themselves and now in the week like when
it's not the holidays that's fine
because obviously we want to clean house
they need to eat they need nice clothes
like I end and that so they're fine they
come home from school they can go to the
rooms they can play down here they can
play in the garden like obviously i'm
watching them I don't just lead them
completely abandon them but I just
didn't want them to feel like they'd had
so much fun at my moms and then they
came to mind and it was like the when
they came home so I kind of tried to do
stuff like we went to the beach one day
which was nice we went to an aviation
museum that's by us and it was brilliant
it was so good we climbed up and all
like the big old war
mains and there's a big parmer flight
that you can like climb up into and go
into the cockpit and it was just
brilliant and they loved it and its
really really cheap it was like three
pound for the children to gain three
pound each and my younger two I didn't
have to pay for and it's only six pound
for adults so it was like cheap and
cheerful and they had a great time so
that was good then I had they had
friends round on a day so that was fun
they were like just running around
screaming making so much noise my poor
neighbors must have been thinking what
is going on and that they did they had a
fun holiday at now they're back at
school which is great because i need my
routine back I never realized how tired
I was until today when I started lying
with her last night I know I've gotta do
a video but i feel myself falling asleep
and i feel asleep um my little girl
Lottie she is 12 weeks now she is not
putting on much weight as she now weighs
nine pound 11 and some babies are born
at nine pound 11 I mean she was seven
pound when she was born so I've been
breastfeeding but the past three and
four weeks three weeks i think i was
started topping up with bottles for like
a week and that didn't really do
anything so now she's on like three big
bottles a day and as well as being
breastfed so went along today to get her
weighed thinking yeah she's gonna be a
little chunky monkey now and she wasn't
she's gained like seven ounces in two
weeks and they said she should have
gained 12 and it's literally I'm having
to feed her constantly and she's just
small I don't know if she is just going
to be Diddy diddy baby my other little
girl Amelia Daisy she was very small but
she was born like very small she was
born at five pound 14 whereas Lottie was
born at seven
and so anyway yeah I'll bore you with
all that but so yeah I'm feeding her a
lot I'm really really tired but the kids
are back at school which is a good thing
because they have had their fun and now
it's time to work and it means i can get
back and do my videos again so yeah I
wanted to apologize anyway because there
were no videos but there will be this
week um and I'm going to have to redo
the ones from last week's and that's
what I'm going to do now but I thought
I'd have a little catch up with you
first I would also like to apologize
that I can't reply to everyone's
messages anymore I used to reply to
everyone and I just don't have the time
anymore whereas when and before lot he
was born I'd have the evening the kids
go down at like between seven and a half
seven I then had those few hours little
lot Eve doesn't she often sleeps up to
then and then decides to wake up and
demands to be cuddled she doesn't want
to just be put down as she wants
attention and why why shouldn't she have
it so and yeah I am sorry but I do read
everyone's messages so do keep them
coming and video requests keep them
coming because again I do read them and
if I have pen and paper with me I'd
write them down straight away so I don't
forget them if you have asked for a
video request ages ago and I still have
not done it please request it again
because it might just slip from my
memory and and I can't get it done for
you I'm just everything's a bit slow at
them in it yeah but I hope you had a
nice easter I have Ian so much chocolate
I'm now going on a bit of a health thing
and I'm still eating chocolate but not
as much so right I'm going to get on
with the other videos and I hope you are
love you bye
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