In this video I explain what I thought recovery woukd be like once I had finished rehab.

hi peeps sorry about the dodgy hair but
I've got a spot under there that I don't
want anyone to see so I'd rather sit
here with dodgy hair anyway what I first
thought recut like recovered life in
recovery would be like going back to the
40 n into treatment I thought I could go
into rehab and learn to control my drug
use and control my drinking I I
definitely didn't think I'd have to stop
completely I kind of thought I'd go in
I'd learn to control it I'd come out
life would be exactly the same as still
go to parties I'd still go to the pub
but instead of ending up pulling up my
skirt and pissing in a drain at the end
of the night Oh drink like Lady and and
I got into treatment and oh my god I
found out his absence based you're not
allowed to even drink and and I kind of
didn't accept that and so I'm not it
along like yeah I won't but in my head I
feel bollocks to that I am having a
drink when I get out and I will be fine
so I did six weeks in primary and I well
the end of it I really did feel like I
was fixed I've had good healthy meals
every day I was in a good routine I'd
done talking therapy and other people in
recovery I knew a lot about addiction or
so I thought and so I left primary
feeling fix but I went on and did
secondary because it was recommended to
me that I do that and it was only going
into secondary I realized just how
broken I actually was so I did five
months there again getting into weekly
planning and eating well I did have such
a laugh sometimes and I never thought it
was possible to have such a laugh
without being pissed by did so the end
of the five months comes and I kind of
had a different view on what recovery
be like I was buzzing I felt really good
I was making a new star I didn't plan to
drink now because I kind of realized and
from going because I've done a lot of
meetings in secondary we have to do
three meetings and 12-step fellowship
meetings a week and so I'd kind of heard
a lot of stories not the matter I didn't
listen to I'm sure I did hear a few and
I realize no you can't drink so I feel I
care that's fine um I just felt good I
thought I thought I knew it all I
thought there's no way I'm relapsing and
we've been told like when we were all in
grooves when the counselor said look
around the person next to you because
chances are that person is going to die
I would all look around and I thought
really well that persons not going to be
me I'll be fine there's no chance I will
really laps I'm good I know it all I
don't need to do anything for my
recovery like they suggest they suggest
you do your meetings sorry about them
it's bothering me and yeah in treatment
they suggest you do 12 centimeters when
you leave I didn't think I needed to do
that because I thought life is just
going to be amazing life is gonna be
magical nothing's going to go wrong
treatment with the hardest time of my
life that's why for bring it on life is
going to be amazing and it's not that
simple and it's not as easy as I thought
it would be I'll talk about that in
another video
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