I often use lipstick as a cream blusher and a lipstick. Lips and cheeks can be sooo simple to do.

I guys be nearly done and I've done
foundation I've done covering my bags
I've done my eyes and I'm not going to
bother with almost all living me yeah
and I'm not going to bother doing all
contouring in that cuz I'm not very good
at it but i'm i'm not going to bronze or
anything i'm literally going to some
blusher this one is kiss and blush and
you can use it on your cheeks and lips I
something I realized years ago actually
I used to sometimes if I had a nice like
a pinky shade of lipstick I would dot it
on my cheeks and use the same color on
my lips as on my cheeks so you want a
door on Apple's not this okay hmm to do
this these little R a TV so I dare da
and one on the other side 20 mm-hmm to
do and I do tiny little bit on the
bridge of my nose then I just do really
small dots we're going to aim from here
to the air well if you look and we're
going to go for the middle part of the
air so we want to come up to this middle
bit and i literally just do a little dot
little dot little dot and i do the same
here that and I'm gonna rub it in make
sure you haven't got any mascara on your
hands cuz sometimes i do that like them
big black pick up my face say see you
very natural like this just like this in
little sec circles and i'll just realize
how bad my nail varnishes need to redo
that so i never get time and don't
forget to bring that little bit and say
because you don't want it as bright here
all the way up your face it's kind of
got fade fade out naturally it depends
how pink the recruit I want a little
more pink
okay and my little hips out like a
nearly done
it on there and I think I'm blended
enough there and make up these dawn and
I can get rid of this on now have a bit
of a flathead that's okay thanks guys
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