I use powder, pencil and gel in this video to define my brows.

hi guys I'm gonna do my brows right I
use powder and I use the pencil and I've
got brow gel that will go in and keep it
in place after I start with I'm using a
gosh one choose the color that is the
closest to your eyebrow hair obviously
and I always start with this and I use
this bear on here
I literally just dab it on and I don't
really pencil
that bit there you go because I find if
I do pencil it looks too in-your-face it
looks not as realistic well it can do
but I just find this easier literally
just dab it
and that is that bitten that bit done I
then use zip pencil to give shape here
so I like I kind of draw that's what I
want to do is really make the art more
defined here I try and do it quite
lightly rather than really dark and
drawn on because you do want it to look
more natural and it's better to look
like you're actually hardly done
anything then you've gone overboard and
then I do exactly the same here again
just trying to define that art
I can see I've missed some that and then
I am using Maybelline brow drama it's
like this to just brush through lightly
and it should keep them all in place
there we go and that is how I do my
This transcript was auto-generated and therefore may contain mistakes.

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