In this video I apply an under eye serum and Touche Eclat!

hi guys right so we've done our
foundation we used our color corrector
sticks underneath our foundation for
like bags dark circles red sports or
whatever other skin issues you have
right I have now got my cotton ball but
I did tell you in my last video I get
foundation in my eyebrows so with this I
literally look at this shocking can you
see so yes I now brush that foundation
out my eyes get a new one do the other
right okay I am now going to use I have
got a complete coverage serum concealer
and this is for this is a bare skin
bareminerals bare skin one and this is
like I said I always feel like I got
huge dark circles under my eyes and this
one I felt gave the most coverage I mean
this loads out there and it is trial and
error all light and just because like i
do find obviously the more you spend or
make up the better the quality but
that's not to say that's the case all
the time and that's not to say you can't
get good products that are cheaper
because you can but like I said it's
trial and error I'm just going to use my
sponge I'm so paranoid i think it's
because i'm always tired because i have
three kids um so yeah i just add that on
and I mean they're still there up there
much better much better right eve-san
I'll call that foundation or later every
boy here lives me why bid is that any
better right easier on to ship lat and
this helps me look more awake I there
from here to here a bit there you see
that's it that's it why my finger
literally just dab it
just kind of brightens under here
slightly so not doing makeup is actually
quite simple I think we can complicate
it but for like what I'm saying I'm not
saying let's do loads and loads and
loads and all this contouring and
highlighting I mean it does like make
you look amazing but I think when you've
got issues with your self-esteem anyway
learning to cover up more isn't
necessarily the best thing to do but
just learning how to put something on
that still looks quite natural um but
just gives you a little bit of a boost
confidence-wise okay bye guys
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