I have included a make-up section on my channel and website as I believe it can help build self esteem. My make-up tutorials are really basic! In this video I show how to apply foundation with either your fingers, brushes or a sponge!

hi guys today I'm gonna do a makeup
video I haven't done loads of makeup
videos and the reason I haven't is there
are loads and loads and loads of people
on YouTube that do videos and they
probably have much better clue than me
I'm not professional but I do know how
to do makeup mainly I don't get to watch
videos because I don't get time but I
read magazines and over the years I just
pick up lots of different tips now I
decided to include a makeup section in
my website and on my channel because
when I got out of active addiction and
when I was in rehab there were so many
girls that they didn't in there using
days all their money went on drugs all
the money won on drinks me included and
you kind of come into recovery and you
just don't know where to start
it's the same like if you've suffered
with your mental health I used to just
not want to go out bad let alone do
makeup and so when like I said you come
into recovery and it is where'd you
start there's so many different
foundation BB cream CC creams and I'm
sorry what so I thought I would include
it and I'm gonna do it really basic
basic I'll try and do it basic basic and
because makeup can help build you a bit
of self-esteem now it can also do the
opposite not that can knock yourself
esteem but I know sometimes when I used
to feel like so inside and I'd put
the makeup on my bright colors and it
was really like actually wearing a mask
and I would feel confident and and
that's fine but I'm not suggesting you
do that because the whole point you come
into recovery you don't want to have to
wear that mask we want to be able to be
real and show our true selves but
like I said it can help with self-esteem
in fact I'm not saying cover up your
face put loads and makeup on but there's
nothing wrong with are they accentuating
the good bits that you have or just
wearing a little bit sometimes like I go
out if I go out completely bare face say
to the shop I can just feel like and
other times I can go out just with a
little bit of makeup on and it can just
make me feel a bit more confident and
bettering myself so that is why I've
included it one because if you don't
have a clue I can kind of show you
what's what and - like I said build your
self-esteem a little bit right so I've
got one of these things I don't even
know where I got this probably Primark
or somewhere I put this on because
otherwise I get makeup in my hair only
there right now foundation you have if
you don't like wearing foundation
because you find it too thick you can
use a BB cream which stands for beauty
balm I have this one and I really really
like it basically BB cream is slightly
like less thick it's not as heavy as
foundation so you could use that you
could use a tinted moisturizer if you do
want to wear foundation obviously I am
NOT there with you to color match so I
would say the best thing for you to do
go into someone like boots and speak
someone like Sarah and say can you color
match me with like they do it they've
got their own number 7 range and they
can do that but I've known them to go in
and I can tell you I don't even know
where to start I don't know what color
and they will actually go around the
different makeups and help and it's
really really worth doing that because
if you don't
and you just don't know how to do it
just get some advice because I know for
years and years I went through a stage
or wearing foundation that was so lie
I've got pictures me now and I was
literally like a ghost
they never occurred to me that it wasn't
my skin color and and I didn't know how
to color matte and even now I don't come
at myself I go in to whatever makeup I'm
using I'm on eve-san a roll at the
moment this one the two should that
foundation and I love it but I'll go in
there and get them to color match me and
they can tell me because it's easier
that way and then I won't get it wrong
right basically before I've done that I
have moisturized I have used primer
primer will help the makeup stick to
your face and will last longer there was
a tip I read in a magazine
apparently some vlogger actually had run
out her primer or something and she used
her boyfriend's post balm thing and
realized it was amazing and it's like
three quid or something and the reason
is I think is it glycerol loose ringless
roll basically the one of the
ingredients is what makes stuff stick to
your face so I've actually started using
this now as a primer so I've already
done that and now I can start on my
foundation now there are different ways
of putting foundation on you can use
your fingers you can use brushes or you
can use a sponge
there is no right or wrong way of doing
it it's what suits you what you feel
happy with for years or I used my
fingers so they cling with the fingers I
think it will work it more into the skin
more coverage I find thrushes for more
airbrush feel I use a sponge I've jumped
come to Foundation I've completely
forgot now I wanted to show you color
corrector sticks these little boobies
these ones are Max Factor these aren't
the only ones they do as well they come
in all different colors basically this
one is for under-eye circles this one is
for dark spots and I've got if you can
see like down here like where I was had
spots ages ago I suffered with some acne
I went through a stage of it and the
spots are gone but it's kind of left
dark patches I find that really helps
and this green one is for red you know
so if you've got a red spot I can't
actually see any red on my face today
but dark patches I can so yeah before I
put my foundation on sorry about that
I told you I'm not professional right
I'm going to use this under my eyes good
this I'm really paranoid about the dark
pits like under my eyes there we go so
that is under my eyes like I said I
can't see red bits today but I can see
the dark bitch so I just got it all I've
got loads this side
ah there's a little bit of red on my
chin I can use my green stick there so
they like I said they're color corrector
sticks there are about 10 or each I
think Avon I've just bought some out as
well but I haven't tried those ones but
like I said they're Max Factor and
they're about $9.99 each right so I've
done that now we can get on with the
foundation I just showed you rubbing my
fingers and you can do that all over um
or you can have I've got the real
technique brushes it's really worth
having good brushes good sponge it makes
so much difference like I've tried cheap
brushes before and you get the bristles
coming off and it just doesn't give a
great finish but like I said the Real
Techniques brushes are really really
good and I got them I think when they
were on offer and boots so right if I'm
going to use my brush I will present
foundation and literally
as you can see it's covering up all the
color corrector it's not like leaving it
a different color where it was so I'm
going to do half with this brush I try
and result the eyebrows but I usually
tend to get foundation in my eyebrows
but I use um couple things after to
brush my eyebrows so when I'm doing it
you can see I'm not I kind of brush
ow ow ow when I'm doing under the chin
because for years I'll just blend blend
blend but now if you blend light under
here you can't actually see the line so
even though you still blend you're much
less likely to get that line halfway
down your neck
you can see what I then do after I've
brushed I get the buffing brush which is
there and I'm not brushing it off and
literally like pushing it in but just
doing this and it just gives it a nicer
finish in the eyebrows lovely
ooh right so now I'm going to show you
with the sponge I actually really like
the sponge you can use it slightly damp
as well right so I've got my foundation
on here I just do I just dropped it
about to start with and it's literally
like just pushing it on like this not
rubbing it's like blotting it
again I've got my eyebrows lovely that's
pretty much it if you feel you need more
just add a little like a light lay again
you can use your brows your fingers or a
sponge I'm just going to add a tiny
little bit more right here like I said
I'm paranoid about the bags and I will
just go it those up I do do my lips
because then I find it gives it like a
nice even base color for when you do
lipstick but this video I'm just going
to do the foundation
I'm not going to do bronzer I'm not
gonna use my to ship lat or my eye serum
just yet I'll do that in the next video
and literally just keep doing it until
you think yeah that's blended enough or
I need to blend more and more and more
Joe if you get like sometimes like
slightly red here I just literally tap
it gently to make it all match so I
haven't like got these big red it is
poking out mmm that's it guys
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