In this video I talk you through my skin care routine. I talk about serums, moisturising, toner, masks, scrubs as well as water and green tea!  I must excuse the spots as I was having a bad skin day (week!)…

hi guys today I'm going to talk quickly
through my skin care routine right one
rule I always have I never ever ever
ever sleep on my makeup one at night
when you're sleeping that's when your
skin repairs itself and it can't do that
if it's all clogged with secondly I
can't bear the thought of lying on a
pillow we're lost yesterday's makeup is
so always remove it right in the morning
it's really simple I use this one simple
and I just washed my face while I'm
having my shower I don't have to give it
a really good wash because I would have
washed it the night before so easy peasy
in the morning right in the evening
first of all I have to use an eye makeup
remover just to get rid of the mascara I
then use this tea tea tea tree so good
for like if you have only breakouts and
spots and that so this is what I use to
wash my face in the evening I actually
double cleanse so after I washed my face
with water and this I get cotton pad and
I use this cleanser and it's surprising
still how much makeup comes off
especially like round the hairline and
round the neck that aren't so easy to
get while washing over the sink so I do
that I then use toner toner I think
restores the pH balance of your skin I
just tend to keep with a simple range
there's loads of different ones out
there but that's quite kind to your skin
especially if your skin sensitive right
so I also use a mask two to three times
a week if I get the chance because I
have three kids and it's not easy all
the time but I do try I've got a five
minute detox ma
ask which is really good if I'm in a
rush I have a collagen lift one this has
kind of got little granules in it so
after when you like rub it off in
circular motions it's can be a bit of a
scrub as well and get rid of all that
dead skin cells I have got a time
reverse or mask which ultra collagen
boosting treatment for to help firm
plump and restore I have the ionic claim
asp seaweed I love this this is one of
my favorite masters your skin just looks
so nice after and then I have a tea tree
ask as well which again is very good for
blemished skin now two to three times a
week again I will use a face scrub to
get rid of all the dead skin cells and
your skin will feel so soft after its
owner is so that's all the washing
scrubbing masks now moisturizing I don't
know if you've heard of a serum lots of
people have but I also know people that
happen and what's the difference between
serum and moisturizer the serum is made
up of smaller particles so it goes
deeper into the skin so if you want to
say target wrinkles you need a serum
moisturizer won't do it my favorite
serum is this one I love it love it love
it and I use this mainly cuz you only
need a tiny dot serum you don't need as
much as when you use moisturizer around
him all the places that were dumped all
over basically also by using a serum it
helps your moisturizer work better you
don't have to have the same range at the
moment i'm using this one for the
daytime and i'm using this one for night
and night you do need a night cream it
slightly thicker and that's good for
your skin at night time but don't feel
that because you've got a certain
serum you've got to get the same range
if you had to choose I would say get
serum because that is what's going to
target all the problems if you can get
both and you don't have to spend much on
the moisturizer you can get four or five
pound wiser and spend slightly more on
Sarah couple of times a week I use this
oil the therapist's secret facial oil
and I love it I always thought by
putting oil on my skin and it made me
more wheelie and then I will spotty but
it is not it's not like that like
completely hydrates your skin is so nice
especially if you like how to scrub had
a mask going put some we alone it's
lovely you feel like you've had a facial
at home right so what else do I do for
my skin I think people forget that skin
is actually an organ just like the heart
and the lungs the skin our skin is the
biggest organ now we try and look after
our heart well I'd hope we do and our
other organ so it is important we do
take care of our skin that's keeping it
hydrate by moisturizing but also
drinking water our bodies and made up
mostly of water so we do need this to
stay hydrated and it will show in your
skin another thing I found for my skin
that worked really well was I get quite
dark circles here and I was going
through a stage where I was drinking a
lot of peppermint tea and green jasmine
tea so I'd have one cup pepper me in an
hour late green Jasmine in a peppermint
and it literally seemed to clear all the
toxins and my eyes look really good but
we've come into the winter months and
all my health and fitness and skin
routine does kind of go down a bit and I
drink less water
I kind of stopped drinking my green tea
but i'm hoping i get back into it and
but yeah do look after your skin because
like i said it is an organ and we do
want to look healthy plump okay it
sounds like a lot doing all that but i
didn't start with all that i started
with a serum and moisturizer and washing
and that was it and then i started
double cleansing then our dad in a face
mask they're not adding a scrub and and
now it's become such routine it's not
hard work i can do it really quickly
every day and it's not a problem but to
start with it does sound like wow but
it's really not so just if you have to
do one thing use a serum make sure you
moisturize and make sure you take your
makeup off at night and drink water bye
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