Possibly the most basic make-up tutorial ever!! In this video I show you what I do on a morning where Im rushing about and have no time and yet I look like a zombie and need to do something to make me look slightly perkier!

hello I'm about to do the most basic
basic basic makeup ever and that's the
school run makeup so if any of you are
moms you know we don't have time to be
doing makeup in the morning but
sometimes I'll wake up and I just I look
like oh and I need something just so I
don't look like I'm dead
basically so one thing I always do are
always do my eyebrows my style are
actually with a powder because I find
it's not as harsh you will have
different colors like the three shades
and a gel though I don't really worry
about the gel all the time choose the
shade that's the same as your eye color
eyebrow hair color right so I've got the
darkest one what I do are just literally
TAV can you see it doesn't have to be
perfect perfect
you have just woken up but and I just
add a bit there done penciled make sure
it's sharp this fair I just kind of
create that arch the same on the other
there's a bit thicker here so it's
alright using events so it doesn't look
as harsh and you can kinda do a bit more
he says still just they're not perfect
but that's okay I've told you this is a
basic one this is in the morning right
I'm using this cream blusher rub just on
the apples of my cheeks little more so
just to give me a little glow and then
I'm using is it Maybelline Baby Lips
it's electric it looks like really
bright when you put it on it's not and
it's like a lip bar that's it that's so
simple that's all I do in the morning
just so I look slightly slightly fresher
and not dead bye
This transcript was auto-generated and therefore may contain mistakes.

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