4 thoughts on “Sher-i-na Does Make-Up Au Naturel…

    • Hey Sydney – yes I do know your Mum!! Glad you liked the make-up tutorial!! Feel free to share it with your friends! Next time you are down this way maybe I’ll get to meet you and give you any new make-up tips I have… Fresh!!!! xxxx

  1. Haha amazing hun…love it Im going through emotional dysregulation at moment struggling with kids and just started DBT..on week 6 emotional reg part… you made me laugh Missus thank you!! I feel like I havent smiled in ages 🙁 xxx

    • Haha – I’m gladyou laughed and I didn’t scare you away. It’s NOT a good look! Good luck with the dbt. Literally the more you put in the more you get out. Practice the skills as much as you can – it is so worth it. Lots of love xxx

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