A spoof. In this video Sher-i-na teaches you to do make-up ‘au-naturel’ with a few tricks thrown in.

hi my name is Serena today I'm going to
show you how to do makeup Oh natural
first of all you choose your foundation
and personally I think all foundations
your skin type skin tones you don't have
to pull a match I've got a slight tan
I've chosen one that says tan right so
you just put it on your hand you put it
quite a lot on because then we really
want to cover those imperfections um my
motto is more is more yeah it's just
really go mad they just don't worry if
it goes in your eyebrows will brush it
out it's not popular you see what I'm
doing I'm just I'm just getting loads
and I'm just like really just saying
that more is more more is more right um
like ah don't worry if there's a line
there people say that's an issue the way
I see it out when we got nail polish on
we don't blend it into our fingers cuz
people know these are our nails these
are our fingers same thing people know
this is my head it's my body don't worry
about Latin right so long we've done
that see you know don't worry about the
hell I'm to brush it through dry shampoo
right we got a color and some people out
there have slight baggies under here and
consider I go really light really really
light and I just get loads on there
absolutely loads and literally can you
see you see what I'm doing and then we
turn to get and get some more we do
exactly the same there see and we do jab
in slightly but the way I see it if you
were right it
and you make a mistake you used tippex
and people know there's mistake that but
they don't know what to chase this is
kind of the same like people who know
there's a mistake there um but they
don't know what it is so it's okay right
you see you see I'm like hidden is
bailing I'm lumen eating I'm
illuminating here right and Ron's arm
I'm kind of thinking I want to look like
i've been to Jamaica like I've been on
holiday and so we just go a bit mad just
go like this see um huh huh huh more is
more and now you can see that like
really accentuates my cheekbones um but
I don't look like I've been to Jamaica
save just kind of go mad all over just
like this all of them yeah more it's
more ok just like that can you see you
don't even need fake town when you do
this because you can just go absolutely
mad something don't worry about the line
can you see how Chloe I look and sound
glowy that's what i'm going to do i just
want to glow really wanted glow and
extra bits here you know hi yeah you see
and but i also want to look like i've
just been wrinkled jog you know got
blood rushing to my face latter so we
just do this more it's more and just on
the apples hmm
if you just do it on the apples it looks
so much more natural can see how Chloe I
look so glowy right now the magic starts
and a little trick I do and some people
are lucky as me and have thick eyebrows
so this tips ready for them okay these
are eyebrows they're twins we want them
identical so where are some people just
do this lightly this is what I do you
start here you see right there and you
put it and you draw up and like this and
down you see and then you shade shade it
in she's all in can you see what I've
done there I've literally doubled the
size Cara Delevingne eat your heart out
and we just repeat everything we do on
this side we're going to repeat on this
side so same thing start here up and
down remember we're wanting it to be
like pretty identical there we go can
you see see what I've done that ha
loving this little loving it and if I'm
going on a night out out what I do
something I just come out I do a bigger
bubble here you know just to really make
a statement um repeat right there you
you know like you know how thick you
want to go but like I wouldn't be coming
right up here because you don't want to
look like a dick let me see great right
now for eyeshadow I'm thinking I want
fresh spring summer 2015 I'm thinking
blue right now this is au naturelle
we're not going to go heavy on the eyes
literally just kind of to sweep sweep
can see me sweeping and just dusting it
over gently gently like that you can get
bits economy at lids here that's okay
that's okay to do that but as we blend
it we just don't want to go too thick
out here don't want to look like a
complete moron so this is where it's
just lighter can you see I'm literally
dusting it over and the same on this
side dusty Dusty there can you see fresh
that's literally going for I'm not going
to do mascara not going to do eyeliner
we're going au naturale now for the lip
here I'm thinking what color goes with
blue ah red so you got out another trick
I'm quite lucky I have quite big lips
you see can you see them and some people
aren't so lucky and this tricks for them
Sen rather than starting here what I'm
going to do i'll just bring it to here
can you see what I've done and I pull it
down do you see and I do all that and I
repeat here
so I start here pull it down you see and
I color there well I think the lip path
so important and I like a good Cupid
babe I really like a good babe um this
you see my bed and you can really really
go to town here like I like that Barry
can see how you see it and I pull it
right across and again like the eyebrows
I've literally doubled the size right
well that's it thank you very much and I
hope you got something from this phase
will now for selfie
This transcript was auto-generated and therefore may contain mistakes.

4 thoughts on “Sher-i-na Does Make-Up Au Naturel…

    • Hey Sydney – yes I do know your Mum!! Glad you liked the make-up tutorial!! Feel free to share it with your friends! Next time you are down this way maybe I’ll get to meet you and give you any new make-up tips I have… Fresh!!!! xxxx

  1. Haha amazing hun…love it Im going through emotional dysregulation at moment struggling with kids and just started DBT..on week 6 emotional reg part… you made me laugh Missus thank you!! I feel like I havent smiled in ages ๐Ÿ™ xxx

    • Haha – I’m gladyou laughed and I didn’t scare you away. It’s NOT a good look! Good luck with the dbt. Literally the more you put in the more you get out. Practice the skills as much as you can – it is so worth it. Lots of love xxx

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